In Venice Beach magic, wearing for the first time my “flirting eyes” espadrillas from my own shoe line.

Immersa nella magia di Venice Beach, indossando per la prima volta le mie “flirting eyes” espadrillas della mia linea di scarpe.

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VENICE BEACH, January 2015

I was wearing:


Photos by Gregorio Capineri Tosetti

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  • I really like the design of your shoe and the colour fits perfectly. Simply amazing! xx

    Reply to Rebecca

    I love everything belonging to Mickey Mouse, so it’s a perfect choice wearing that t-shirt! The hat is even more better!!!

    Reply to FEDE
  • Ich habe dich heute bei VOX gesehen im deutschen Fernseh. Es ist wirklich interessant wie sehr groß du geworden bist, ich kannte deinen Blog noch von früher. Und wow herzlichen Glückwunsch zu was du es als Bloggerin geschafft hast. Und bloggen sollte man tatsächlich nur aus dem Hobby raus, da hast du recht. Dann macht es auch Spaß und nicht wegen des Geld. Was natürlicher ein süßer Beigeschmack zu deinem Erfolg ist. Viel Glück weiter hin 😉



    Hi Chiara,I really love your blog, but I have to comment that last 2 months you look really unhealthy,like you lost your energy…I hope you can handle all your successes and be happy. Wish you all the best, take care…

    Reply to Dagmar

    Muy guapa! El gorrito y los zapatos son muy originales, me encantan

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    La felpa corta stampata sotto la giacca gessata e’ WoW !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Reply to Silvia
  • i wanna go back to Disneyland and buy a cool hat now! Still have my Minnie ears I got aged 5…this is one of the quirkiest stylish/Cas outfits I’ve seen that doesn’t look too young with the Disney elements. It’s just frickin’ cool xx

    Reply to Jenny

    I like the flower-power outfit and your shoes on the big photo, where you are siting with the yeans-trousers.

    Reply to Anestis Moutafidis

    I love the Mickey Mouse hat.You are beautiful.

    Reply to Ela
  • I love Micky Mouse inspired items. And that hat, oh, it’s so amazing

    Reply to Anita
  • I love this look! The shoes are so cute and fun!

    Reply to Pili G

    Picture number 3 below the text took my breath away! Thank you for doing sexy photos! I like the other pictures as well, but can’t understand why in the last but one you have such a bored and even melancholic look, when you are dressed for fun?

    Reply to valentin antonov
  • What a great whimsical look on you. Love the location where you took these pictures.

    Have a wonderful day.
    Instagram: @stylishlyinlove
    Twitter: @stylishlyinlove

    Reply to Sofia

    So cute Chiara! Need those espadrilles

    Reply to melissa
  • I just love her so much! She’s the most beautiful woman. :* I especially like this outfit! It’s such a great mix between cool and childish

    Reply to Melodie
  • Alla mia età non potrei assolutamente vestirmi così, ma ho detto a tua mamma che adoro la tua giacca e te la ruberei volentieri per l’ufficio

    Reply to Paola
  • This outfit have a very interesting contrast, these vintage jeans look amazing on you and the Mickey Mouse top is just so cool. Those espadrilles from your new collection are fabulous, they are casual and chic. Adore the Chloe bag, it’s insane, it’s pure love

    Reply to Miss Key
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