Two of my Paris fashionweek favourite looks that I couldn’t manage to shoot properly (and so I stole them from the web): the first look is a Christian Dior total look by Raf Simons that I wore when I landed in Paris, for the maison fashionshow.
The second one is a Sonia Rykiel total look I wore for the show and for the opening of the new Chloe store. Which is your favourite one?

Due dei miei look preferiti indossati durante la fashionweek parigina di cui non sono riuscita a scattare foto decenti di outfit (e quindi le ho rubate da Internet): il primo look è un total look di Christian Dior by Raf Simons che ho indossato appena arrivata a Parigi, per la sfilata della maison.
Il secondo è un total look di Sonia Rykiel che ho indossato per la sfilata del brand e per l’apertura del nuovo store di Chloe. Qual è il vostro preferito?




I was wearing:


189 Responses to “From Paris: in Dior and Sonia Rykiel”

    il secondo oufit è quello che preferisco, semplicemente per l’originalità anche i primo è molto carino

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    Both are very good and fashionable, but the first one makes you look super slim and soooo tall!!! 😀

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    Il primo decisamente .. Il secondo sembra un pigiama..

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    Preferisco il secondo look, lo trovo molto spiritoso ma allo stesso tempo elegante!

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    Bellissimo il look Sonya, e il vestito Dior ti dta d’incanto, peccato faccia davvero a pugni con le scarpe! Ce lo riproponi in un altra versione una volta?

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  • Love both these looks. I love the variety. Your hair looks amazing!!!


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    You look amazing! Love the curly hair, the makeup, and the Sonia Rykiel suit.

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  • mi piacciono tantissimo questi look… il secondo è molto primaverile ma il mio preferito è il taglio della giacca è favoloso!!!

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    I don’t care what you wear, glad to see you blond again (or strawberry, doesn’t matter) and with a more flattering makeup and expression! Now would you please get rid of these black eyebrows? You’re not Brooke Shields, this isn’t pretty on you, black eye makeup is enough to make the blue of your eyes pop, this makes only seem your blonde hair fake and cheap, like you are not naturally blond… Damn, Chiara you are such a natural beauty, why do you want to change any of your features, I don’t get it sorry :/

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    the second one is one of my favourites so far(from the events looks, not from the casual ones that i like soooo much more!!) .it’s so fun and stylish at the same time!well done 🙂
    but with a straight ponytail and a pink lipstick i think that would been perfect!!

    kisses from Greece and a little advise: smile and be yourself more!that’s why we follow you hunny 😉
    and show more regular outfits if you want.. <3

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    Jolies photographies!
    let see my blog about fashion and surf !!

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    You look amazing again! I can’t choose one

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    Amazing Outfit!! <3

    PLEASE check out my blog!! It would mean so much to me!

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    Entrambi stupendi ma preferito il secondo perchè più audace e allegro.

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  • The first look is amazing. Looks so much like Raf hahah

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    nella foto sulle scale sei identica a tua sorella (quella riccia) preferisco il secondo 😉 bella come sempre cmq

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  • You look gorgeous in both looks! Love the Sonia Rykiel tux, it’s so colourful and fun! x


    Reply to Aggie mi piace di piu il look che ha indossato Olivia Palermo alla sfilata di Dior..

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    Is the Dior buttoned incorrectly near the top? The fabric bulges and pulls on the left side as if there were some manufacturing deformity. In any case, the problem must be with the dress, not with the pretty girl inside it!

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  • The printed pantsuit is drop-dead-gorgeous – toally love this look on you. SO refreshingly different – WOW!
    This one’s clearly my favorite 🙂


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    Chiara sbaglio ultimamente sei meno bionda e più rossa?

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  • My favourite is the second outfit! Absolutely love it with that bag and shoes and everything about it really! (and the rubber goose phone case of course)
    Not a fan of the first one but i’ll put that down to personal taste.

    Great post

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    preferisco il look Dior, chic e elegante!!!

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    preferisco il look Dior, chic e elegante!!!

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    preferisco alla grande il primo look…il secondo effetto pigiamino non è decisamente per i miei gusti..

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  • I due sono bellissimi, ma adoro tanto il tabulato del secondo look.In total look è magnifico!


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    Honestly, I’m not a fan of either one. The Dior coat dress doesn’t fit you properly and is not very figure flattering; the Rykeil with the exaggerated shoulders looks dated and costumey. Perhaps if you’d mixed the two pieces with other things? I find “total looks” completely boring and lacking in imagination. True style comes from knowing your body and taste and feeling confident in it, not merely being some publicist’s clothes hanger for pay. I like your wavy hair, prefer you more naturally blonde and again, those black brows?!

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    Preferisco il Dior.. Ti sta davvero bene.. Elegantissimo..

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  • O M G you look sooooo gorgeous in that pant suit! Charlize theron even prettier 😉

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