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Here is the comfy look I chose for traveling to Barcelona yesterday morning: Burberry Prorsum leather jacket (always with me now), jeans, biker boots and golden sunglasses 🙂

Ecco il mio outfit comodo per viaggiare verso Barcellona ieri mattina: giacca di Burberry Prorsum (ormai sempre con me), jeans, biker boots ed occhiali da sole dorati 🙂

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  • You look amazing!! I really am in love with your jacket babe


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    🙂 gli occhiali sono bellissimi.. ma che marca sono?

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  • Love the look…amazing jacket.


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    L'immagine che c'era prima nell'intestazione del blog era molto più simpatica e carina! Questa si vede troppo che è accozzata con Photoshop, le proporzioni sono tutte sballate, non c'è profondità prospettica…

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  • Really with that jacket on you don't have to do a whole lot it's a show stealer.

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    Wow! You look great! An awesome outfit in a beautiful city. Good times.

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  • I just absolutely love your jacket. I know I have said that multiple times. It just looks so soft and buttery. Your traveling clothes look really comfortable. Scandinavian Nomad ?

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  • Ahhh I love love love that jacket – it's beautiful! I tried it on for fun the other day – it fits beautifully…I can see why you love it!
    xo Emily

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  • this jacket is so beautiful that I can understand perfectly why you wear it all the time 🙂

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    you look gorgeous!! I'm in love with your leather jacket, it's just fabulous 😀 and you've matched it perfectly with an easy pair of jeans and those amazing sunglasses. Definitely a winning choice, nothing left to say!!


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  • Wish I could afford the jacket. It's such a dream! Love how you wear it so casually 🙂
    Love Lois xxx

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  • Such a beautiful coat, and it suits you so well. I adore how you've styled it with those sunglasses.

    Big hugs from Paris xxx

    Camille @ Paris in Pink

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    I love this biker leather jacket!!!! I´m so in love! So nice you have it :)!

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