Good night Tokyo! Longer post tomorrow morning..

Buonanotte Tokyo! Post più lungo domani mattina..



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  • lovely views, is always great to see Carolina and you together 🙂

    have fun in Tokyo, and keep us updated!

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    cute photos! love these shorts and sweter! hope u have grate time in tokyo!

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  • You look exhausted — like you're having an amazing time, but still, exhausted! Get a good night's sleep – sweet dreams!

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    DA DOVE SONO LE LEATHER SHORTS ? Mi sono inammorata davvero! Qualcuno me lo puo dire??
    Baci da Parigi 😉 Nathalie

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  • wow! tokyo seems so big! i really wanna go someday! xx

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    Great photos Chiara but one – I was shocked to see a photo with your chopsticks sticking in your food. That's a BIG NO NO in Japan. It is considered to be very rude. This is a no-no because it’s the way a bowl of rice/food is offered to the spirit of a dead person, at their deathbed or in front of their photograph on the household Buddhist altar. It also represents your tombstone! Death = bad/unlucky! If you must set them down, set them down on the table or sideways on your bowl.

    Anyway, enjoy!

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  • mi piaci così, molto belle anche le foto.
    oggi per me èun giorno speciale…ho pubblicato le foto del mio matrimonio.sarei curiosa di sapere che ne pensi!

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    Gute Nacht!

    Luc X

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  • Che belle foto :o)…
    Noi salutiamo sempre te,ma saluti anche al tuo Richie :)…

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    Hi chiara! Next time you can also try staying at shangrila

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  • OMG!! I wish I was in Tokyo so I could join fashion night out and see you!!!!!!!
    !I'm now in the United States for studying abroad but I am a college student in TOKYO!!!!!!

    I LOVE reading your blog!!!!! Hope you have AWESOME days in my country<3

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    Chopsticks sticking in the food!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOO,no,no……!

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    I would so like to go to Tokyo! The city lights from heights are amazing!:)

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