Growing up. Many of you asked me to post some of the photos in which I was younger and I decided to do so. Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of them in digital in which I was a kid, I got all of them taken with the analogic camera because my mum, like me, has a big passion for photography (you can see some of her shots HERE ) and she’s always taken a lot of them. I should scan them I know 🙂
I decided to open a FANPAGE on facebook, If you want you can join 😀

Crescere. Molti di voi mi hanno chiesto di pubblicare foto di quando ero più piccola e ho deciso di accontentarvi.Purtroppo non ho in digitale nessuna foto di quando ero piccola, le ho tutte in pellicola perchè mia mamma, come me, ha una grandissima passione per le fotografie (potete vedere alcuni suoi scatti QUI ) e ce ne ha sempre fatte tantissime. Dovrei scannarizzarle in effetti 🙂
Ho deciso di aprire una FANPAGE su facebook, se volete iscrivetevi!

Mixed photos with my sisters Francesca and Valentina, how cute were we?

In these photos my sister Francesca and I posed for Blumarine advertisement, I was 5 and she was 3 🙂

This is my first composit for Beatrice agency in Milan, I was 16 in these photos

Mixed pics with my natural hair colour, a dark blonde/red colour, I was 17. And in the last photo I was with my sister Franci 🙂

Some of my favourite photos taken at the age of 18

And in these photos I was 19 or 20 😀 I’m sure you’ve already seen on my blog photos taken while I was 21 or 22 (as I am now)
Hope you enjoyed these 😀


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    Does anyone know anything about the Argentina clothing used in beatrice’s photoshoot? Like a cardigan or something?

    Reply to Celine

    You’re beautiful! I look at your blog every day and I had not yet seen this item! I love your style you always find bargains. I’m from Belgium so my english is not good! I love the fact that at the age of 16 you was a model .. You must have a nice life. All you will .. is amazing … I’d like to know a little more like a lot of other damage but I do not speak Italian ^ ^. It would be cool that you make a video or lots of pictures of your house and especially your wardrobe! : D if it is not indiscreet … Good luck and keep that smile!! kisses

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  • Ti seguo già dall’anno scorso, ma ultimamente sono quasi sempre sul tuo blog!!! 😀

    Adesso ho scoperto per caso questo post stupendo…mamma mia sei sempre stata bellissima complimenti!!!

    Reply to Valeria

    sei bellissima nella foto in cui eri vestito di rosso avevi l'aria da lolita 😀

    Reply to Anonymous
  • Bellissima…Davvero. Tu, e le tue sorelle. Stupende, davvero, siete una più bella dell'altra.

    Reply to Chiara
  • Wow Chiara questo post è dolcissimo *-*
    Stavi benissimo anche con il tuo colore naturale di capelli, davvero bellina. Non c'è che dire, sono rimasta così come questa faccina :O guardando queste foto.
    PS. Anche io ho avuto quell'orologio d&g 😀

    Reply to Jessica
  • this pics are amazing!!!!
    i loooooove your dark blonde hair, you should make it darker againnn :).. but you look beautiful anyway!!

    Reply to Caroline
  • chiara bellissima questa carrellata di foto…non sei cambiata molto da quando eri più piccola!Solo i capelli che erano molto belli anche con il colore naturale molto caldo!! comunque hai avuto un passato da modella??? da quando eri piccola piccola vedo, eri già in carriera!!!!aaaa complimenti sei una modella ora?

    Reply to grazia
  • Chiara Ferragni

    Grazia ora e' un lavoro da fare ogni tanto, in periodo campagna vendite. Prima decisamente era una cosa che mi interessava di più 😀

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  • you kinda remind me of a blogger named amanda berg. check her out you have the same eyes




    Reply to Monika Poppy
  • i think your naturel hair color looks the best on you!

    do you ever think about going back to that color?

    Reply to Bella
  • Chiara sei di una bellezza che non ci si crede!
    Davvero complimenti 🙂 Da piccola eri un dolcetto e le foto sono tutte bellissime, quella dove dormi con la coroncina è deliziosa!

    Reply to martamartino
  • chiara mi chiedevo, visto che anch'io amo tutto ciò che è creare, moda, modi, schizzi e altro che raccolgo nel mio blog…se ti interesserebbe potresti aggiungere il mio blog ai tuoi interesting blogs….:D ne sarei molto felice e potrei scambiare consigli con le altre bloggers (anche se io più che foto con outfits,metto in primo piano le mie MAGLIETTINTE DELLE MAGLIETTE DIPINTE A MANO) CIAAAAAAAAAOOOOO UN BACIO GRAZIE E BUONA FORTUNAAA

    Reply to grazia
  • (Parentesi, ho dato un'occhiata alle foto di tua madre e..Chapeau! Sono bellissime!!!)

    Reply to Chiara
  • awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww you were so cute!!!!!!!!!!!
    I loveeee love loveeeeeeeeeeee
    the first picture!!!! :)))))))))


    Reply to THE UNIQORN
  • youve been a model when you were younger? wow great!
    you still look very gooooooood ??

    Reply to Dudi
  • Omg. you look AMAZING with your natural hair color.. reddish/blondeish. I think you should go back to it! It's so beautiful!!!!!!!! In the pics where you are 17. It really brings out your features!

    Reply to erika
  • Hey!
    it's always great to see your photos.
    love your blog.
    reader from France.

    Reply to ehui
  • Those Beatrice photos were just amazing! I love your naturally gorgeous looks! 🙂
    Loved the very first pic of this post the most, cute!

    Reply to Emmi
  • sono davvero delle foto splendide!!
    Complimenti…poi qll da piccola con la frangetta sn un amore! =)

    Reply to Mari

    Che belle foto! ma hai mai pensato di tornare al tuo colore naturale? Non che bionda tu nn stia bene (ti fai i colpi di sole o li tingi?), però è così raro trovare un colore naturale così bello!!
    poi volevo chiederti un'altra cosa: t piace patrizia pepe? perchè nn mi ricordo di averti vista cn qlcs d suo. A me le sue borse e i suoi vestiti piacciono molto che ne pensi? e ho anche visto un capppotto l'altro gg che penso t piacerebbe. un po' borchiato..

    Reply to Ari
  • Chiara Ferragni

    Ari si ma ho poche cose di Patrizia Pepe, per ora ho preso un paio di guanti a Natale!
    Si faccio i colpi di sole e basta, per ora mi piacciono cosi!
    Thanks all so much, my dog is called Pumba!

    Reply to Chiara Ferragni
  • Hello Chiara,

    i have had an eye on your blog for quite a while now, from time to time i come here and check your pictures. Thank you for sharing your inspirations, thoughts and ideas with us! You seem so at ease and full of life- truly refreshing!

    i just want to tell you one thing: I hope that you are aware that life is treating you very well! I don't know if in your life you had some hard times to endure but from what we've get to see it seems you have a loving and supporting family, a boyfriend who is surely deeply in love wih you, and (although i know nothing about your financial situation one can clearly see that) you have enough money to buy the things you want. Your studies are going well, you are healthy and you are beautiful. What more can one ask for?

    I don't personally know you, maybe life tasted bitter to you at times but from what I see you are a lucky girl! And you should be happy and grateful. I really don't want to offend you, please don't take this as an offense- the contrary: I think sometimes we take things for granted (including myself) and we don't see how lucky we are. And sometimes we need to hear that from other people to realize that we are truly blessed.

    So count your blessings Chiara, I hope you know that not every girl gets as lucky in life as you are. I'm happy for you. And that's the truth- I can't afford the clothes you wear, nor can I travel as much as you do, but I'm really happy for you to have those things and share them with people. You are just enjoying life and I think tha's just beautiful!

    All the best to you.

    Reply to sabrina
  • Chiara Ferragni

    Thanks a lot girls.
    Sabrina I've had hard times like all the other people but I'm a very positive person who always prefers smiling to the life than being sad for her problem. Nobody is perfect, I know I'm very luckly but I have troubles like everyone else

    Reply to Chiara Ferragni
  • I cant describe with words how STUNNING you are.Chiara!!!!! <3 <3

    Reply to Mila
  • beautiful selection of photos, thanks for sharing such personal moments!

    Reply to Nina
  • Hi chiara!
    not if you remember me, I sent you an e-mail saying that I liked your blog and your style:) and I repeat.
    Me liked this blog entry, you were a model?
    you are really fantastic:)
    Finally I did a blog if you take a look, it would be great if one of my idols give me advice but is not well established.
    (We will devote a post in my blog =])
    kisses honney!
    I hope your answer.

    Reply to fromthetopcmm
  • WOW i am speachless. These photos are BEAUTIFUL.
    Especially pics of you in red dress, then two pics under that one – WOW eyes, face, hair, gorgeous.
    The first photo is very special. the cutest baby I have ever seen

    Reply to jagoda

    Chiara, you are so beautiful, outside and inside!!! Great job with the blog… I have been so stressed today with my final exam on next Saturday, and you have made me smile with your positive view of life, Thank u!!

    Reply to lia
  • OMG! You were such a little cutie:)And these Beatrice photos-amazing.

    Reply to Gosia
  • Chiaraaaaaa guapa!
    Che cosa belle foto! voi e le vostre sorelle, sei molto carino!
    Good night!!i´m going to study….;( jejeje

    Reply to Paula
  • Chiara!!!Really beautiful photos!!!I liked a lot!!!!Kisses from a brazilian girl that lives in Portugal…. 🙂

    Reply to Lívia
  • queste è il post che mi è piaciuto di più, perchè la maggior parte delle ragazze siamo più belle a partire degli 20 perche abbiamo imparato a come vestire, il trucco, i capelli, e tutto.
    Però con le tue foto si vede che sei bella da sempre.
    La parte di 16-17 anni è la più bella.
    Amo i tuoi capelli lì.

    Reply to Luzzia*
  • Dear dear beautiful Chiara,

    I'm also a new watcher and big fan. You might think because of your photo's, but that's not true, because I love your blog because of you! Because of the way you see, or show life to us. Because of your positivity. Having all this money and a great model look and a great family, but not even a bit arrogant! You're like one of the most warm persons this worlds carries on the shoulders, I believe. I love it that you enjoy every little thing in life, just like everyone should do.

    That was first of all haha, now second I have a little request as a "fan". Seeing you on those pictures with your natural haircolour and less eyepencil (don't know how you call it in English, sorry) just put the big question in my head: why do you change your haircolor and wear always that eyepencil? I mean I love it on you, but you're a natural beauty, use that.

    Because there is this thing I have learned, you see. It's that we girls always want to have something we don't have from ourselvers. Girls with curls want straight hair, straight haired girls want curls. But you'll never get as beauty you think when you're changing yourself, because the true beauty is already there. It's you unchanged. If you learn how to get the best out of your own look. You'll be a million times beautifuller than if you try to change it.

    I hope you understand what I mean. I'm not trying to tell you that you're ugly this way or something, not at all, because you're such a cutie. But I think that it would do you so much better if you get your natural looks (starting with your haircolour) back.

    A lot of love, Sara

    Reply to Saar
  • Oh hun, I didn't doubt you had troubles, I just really meant it in a good spirited way. LIke I said above,sometimes we take things for granted but good to know that you think happyness is a choice- and you choose to smile. Keep it up that way, never let anything bring you down, beautiful.

    Again, all the best.


    Reply to sabrina
  • Ooohhh Chiara, SO LOVELY!!
    Are u the girl next to u in the first picture?
    I love the first picture with ur sister, amazing eyes! =)
    A big spanish fan.

    Reply to Mary Paz
  • Awwww this have got to be the sweetest most beautiful post in your blog Chiara!
    You're beautiful since you were a kid till now and the great thing is, you're beautiful inside out! Look at how amaze your readers are 😉

    I'm so happy for you! Chiara you're inspiring us 😉
    i'm gonna start being more positive and enjoy life to the fullest and see life is beautiful too! I have a blog I've started long time ago. Now I know what kind of blogging I wanna do, I wanna do it like yours ;D

    Reply to Harleen A. David

    you look stunning with your hair curly and the darker brown. when your hair color matches skin tone, its breath taking!! you should grow the dye out… dnt straighten your hair! its amazing curly!

    Reply to WC
  • che belle che eravate (e che siete!)
    sai Chiara, io trovo che il tuo colore naturale ti doni moltissimo! hai mai pensato ad un "ritorno alle origini"?

    Reply to PUNKIE
  • All that I can say is that you were (and you are!) such a classy girl, from the beggining till now:) Im speachless.

    Monika from J'adore Fashion

    Reply to Monika P.
  • Chiara sei bellissima! Io all'eta di 16 anni ero ancora un ranocchietto (non è che sono migliorata poi moltissimo adesso che ne ho 22!) ma tu eri, nonostante la tenera età, ugualmente una bellissima ragazzina! E non poteva che venir fuori una bellissima donna!!
    Davvero i miei complimenti!
    Irene's Closet

    Reply to Irene C.
  • Chiara Ferragni

    Girls what can I say? I've just waken up and came to my mac to read your comments, smiling all the time. Reading that some of you really enjoy what I do makes me feel even happier, I think that this is the positive energy that makes the world go round.
    I like my hair lighter the way it is now but I'll get my natural colour sooner or later, I like that one too.
    Yes in the first picture It's me next to a photo when I was one 😀

    Reply to Chiara Ferragni
  • You have always been so pretty! wow! And I love your natural hair color! Gorgeous!

    Reply to Emilie
  • ohhhhhhhhhhhh mio dio!!!! adesso inizio ad essere noiosa…dico sempre le stesse cose…ma…non posso dire null'altro che…SEI SPETTACOLARE,BELLISSIMA,MAGNIFICA…. Sei troppo bellissima…In ogni foto…da quando eri piccola…Trovo favolosi gli scatti per quell'agenzia…wow…e qualla con l'abitino bianco al mare…davvero nn ho parole tesoro!!! 😀

    Reply to Annachiara
  • Intanto volevo dirti che ho visto le foto della tua mamma e sono bellissime!! Tu e tue sorelle sempre stupende anche da piccine 😉 riguardo i capelli,secondo me invece hai fatto bene a schiarirli perchè se prima eri bellissima cosi sei bellissimissima!

    Reply to Clara
  • è un pò che nn commento ma ora non potevo non farlo!
    diventata fan su fb!!! brava così finalmente non avrai più problemi,si spera! le foto le avevo già viste e sono magnifiche! ma tu eri meravigliosa con il tuo colore naturale!!! anche così lo sei,(e lo dice una che si fa i colpi di sole come te!)ma col tuo colore eri "diversa" dalle solite bionde, e sia ben chiaro che ti adoro bionda! bellissimi gli ultimi outfit e gli acquisti! io ormai uso sono smalti chanel e sono divini, ottimi acquisti brava! sei sempre favolosa! e complimentoni x l'esame!!!!!

    Reply to carola

    The first photo is so nice!!! For me is the most beautiful one from all in your blog (and I must recognize it's hard to choose..)!!! You are now and were so cute… have no words with that b&w photo…
    And Blumarine, ohhh, I love that firma!!

    No matter what the colour of your hair is now or was before, the most important thing is your character and how you show it. The same would be if your hair was green!!

    You inspire fashion through your positive view of life. All of us like so much that, thank u for sharing it!

    Besos, Chiara!!

    Reply to lia
  • Beautiful photos. Can!t wait for another spot about your outfits.

    Reply to ABNY
  • Ma sei s t u p e n d a ! Stavi molto bene anche con il colore naturale dei capelli (forse perche io sempre volevo aver biondo-rosso;)) Bacio

    Reply to she-e-wolf
  • You were such a princess ^-^
    Love this little peek into your past

    and your mom's flickr is absolutely wonderful, I'll add her as a contact too

    how's the exams going??


    Reply to Ligeia
  • cosa posso dire?le foto non sono meravigliose..di piùùù!!! Sei sempre stata uno splendore fin dalla tenerà età..quando eri adolescente er davvero bellissima , chissà quanti pretendenti!!!Ormai il tuo blog è parte della mia vita ..vedere queste foto di te mi fa un immenso piacere!! ti auguro il meglio chiaretta un bacione

    Reply to Rossella
    and you are a living example of natural beauty, photos of you being younger are soooo awesome!

    Reply to J-E ?
  • OMG, the photos are sooo gorgeous.
    The first one is just megical.
    But I love all of them.

    Reply to Franzi
  • chiara scusami , ma nel post precedente , ho visto un bellissimo cerchietto bianco con delle borchie non brchie ma brillatini..sau dove posso trovarne uno simile ??grazie mille!

    Reply to Rossella

    come mai hai deciso di lasciar perdere la carriera da modella?

    Reply to Sil
  • love your first composit so much !!!!!! you look very beautiful in that picture!

    btw, nice to meet you! i've been reading your blog and this is my first time to leave you a comment 🙂

    Reply to TANYA L.
  • Chiara posso chiederti un favore?Dove posso trovare le creazioni di Greta Taddeolini?
    Ho trovato il suo indirizzo di posta elettronica ma non trovo un sito dove siano visibili e acquistabili le t-shirts!Thanks

    Reply to karen

    Wow, such a wonderful photos of your mum!!! Mine also loveeesss so much travelling…

    Reply to lia
  • Chiara Ferragni

    Sil non mi sembrava una strada che potesse portarti abbastanza lontano, e fare la modella non è una delle mie più grandi aspirazioni…
    Thanks all so much girls!

    Reply to Chiara Ferragni
  • chiara!ma stai da dio pure rossa
    la foto con l'orologio di d&g è stupenda!
    Mi è piaciuto moltissimo la risposta che hai dato ad una ragazza quando hai detto che aspiri a molto più nella vita che fare la modella 🙂
    condivido io nn ne ho le caratteristiche fisiche purtroppo ma credo che sarebbe una cosa che non andrebbe oltre a lavorare ogni tanto!

    Reply to F R A N C I
  • che belle le foto,son tenerissime quelle da piccola e con le tue sorelle! =D

    …volevo farti una domanda sui tuoi capelli,mi sembra di capire che siano mosso-ricci?hai fatto la stiratura chimica o li lisci normalmente con spazzola e phon o con la piastra?scusa la domanda ma io li ho simili ai tuoi e per me è un po' un dramma in questi periodi di nebbia "tenerli" dritti ;P

    Reply to Änsji
  • You look very good with the hair color that you have now but you looked ABSOLUTLY AMAZING with your natural hair color!
    By the way, your blog is one of the best I have ever seen 😀

    Reply to Alexandra
  • Chiara Ferragni

    Thank you girls, just got home after a pizza with my mum, so nice 😀
    I capelli li liscio con spazzola e phon mentre li asciugo, la piastra cerco di non usarla mai 🙂

    Reply to Chiara Ferragni
  • you're natural color is so beautiful! you're beautiful no matter what color hair you have though! <3.

    Reply to Amelia
  • wow. you've been stunning your entire life! i can't take how beautiful you are in these photos. uggh you're so gorgeous! i'd love another post like this!

    Reply to Courtney O.
  • Quando una mia amica mi ha mostrato il tuo blog l'ho maledetta perchè mi sono tolta da Facebook apposta per non perdere tempo su internet e ora mi salti fuori te con questo blog fantastico e mi rubi i pomeriggi! 🙂
    1) per il blog che trovo fantastico, ben impostato ed è molto intelligente il fatto che lo scrivi sia in Italiano che in Inglese;
    2) per il tuo stile, VERAMENTE splendido!
    3) perchè sei veramente, veramente bella e dall'aspetto dolce, cosa che adoro in una donna.
    Per quanto possa contare… CONTINUA COSI' 🙂

    Reply to Eygheneia
  • sei tanto bella chiara! la mia migliore amica, che una fotomodella americana, era a milano l'anno scorso per lavoro. era anche con beatrice 🙂

    Reply to christina
  • che fortuna ad avere due sorelle! Da figlia unica ti dico che è una cosa che desiderei molto! 😀 xoxo

    Reply to Azzurra
  • Omg…the T-shirt that you and your sisters have,the one that you have in pink ,I have in orange…:)) Now I can say that I have clothes like Chiara Ferragni ;)):))

    Reply to MaiaTheBee
  • mi ero xsa qste foto..quanto sei bella chiaraaa!!
    poi penso ke un video +dolce di qll k avevi messo in un altro post in cui da bambina cantavi nn l avevo mai visto ahah eri stupenda!!

    Reply to nicoletta2008

    You reeeaally need cut your hair!!! you was amazing with little hair!!

    Reply to Luana

    You are seriously so gorgeous! You're my role model! (: Like, you have the life that I want when I grow up (i'm 14). Your clothes are amazing, your sense of style… is well.. flawless!!!
    I always look at your blog whenever I can, every day. I always tell my friends to check it out too! Like there are other fashion bloggers out there that I really like, but honestly. You are my top favorite fashion blogger!

    Reply to Anonymous

    Chiarra you should go back to your original hair colour! It looked so much better on you, it gave you a more exotic look!

    Reply to Anonymous

    your youngest sister reminds me of Alexis Bledel in the 13th photo! :o)
    love your blog by the way AMAZING! x

    Reply to Anonymous
  • You had redish hair and you died it blond?? Are you serious???????
    I actually have the exact same hair color as yours, but i would never do such stupid thing.

    Reply to MESIKE

    Ma questo blog e' fanastico!!
    guarda che foto mozzafiato!

    A tutte le fashioniste e modelle o aspiranti tali conisglio di visitare questo sito di un agenzia di moda internazionale,c'e' un contest con un premio di 150.000 dollari e un viaggio a new your city.

    Reply to Anonymous
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