This latest month was tough on my hair: shooting days, traveling, events and shows and everything else that come with fashion week always makes this time of the year pretty tough, leaving my hair looking pretty worn out, in every way. I avoided it this time, though: to be well prepared for these 30 days of stress, I tested Pantene‘s new Smart Pro-V Conditioner, which nourishes your mane, and figures out your hair’s weaknesses, giving it back its strength and shine and making it look amazing, from root to tip. The trick is to use conditioner every time you wash your hair, and to remember to protect your hair when you style it, as the heat of hairdryers and straighteners are a huge stress factor for your hair. The result? #hairgoals accomplished!

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    Ciao Chiara, i tuoi capelli sono favolosi te li invidio tantissimo. Posso chiederti che tonalità di biondo fai? Grazie se mi risponderai 😊

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