You’ve probably already read of #TheBlondeSaladGoesToHarvard (one of my favorite hashtags ever) a thousand times. Since so many of you keep asking me, here’s what happened… 🙂

A few months ago we received an email, and shortly right after a call from Harvard Business School: they wanted to make ‘The Blonde Salad’ a case study for their MBA program.
After Ricki and I finished many screams of joy (we’ve both studied so many Harvard Business Cases at university so becoming one was such a dream come true) we got the chance to get interviewed several times by professors, who completed the Case Study and presented it to their students.

After that, It was our time to go to Harvard for a lecture about our own case study 🙂
If you want to read it, The Blonde Salad case study is now available HERE.
Thank you for making this happen guys, It’s probably the achievement I’m most proud of (sharing a happiness tear right now) 🙂

SYP_3542 SYP_3577 SYP_3523


Photos by Susan Young

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