“#Hoganforaday – Frames of urban lifestyle” is a project born a few months ago that I am glad to reveal to you!
What can I say you about this video? Richi and I felt a bit like real actors, playing the roles of a couple visiting Milan and getting paparazzi shots. We loved being able to interpretate Hogan new collection, each of us with our personal style, and spending a real italian day around Milano. Now I’m only waiting to see what you think about it …

“#Hoganforaday – Frames of urban lifestyle” è un progetto nato alcuni mesi fa e che finalmente oggi sono fiera di mostrarvi!
Cosa vi posso dire di questo video? Io e Richi ci siamo sentiti un po’ attori nei panni di una coppia in visita a Milano e paparazzata nei suoi spostamenti. Ci è piaciuto interpretare la nuova collezione di Hogan, ognuno con il proprio stile personale e passare una giornata all’insegna dell’italianità e di Milano.  Ora attendo solo di sapere cosa ne pensate voi…

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    So I didn’t follow your blog for a few months and you changed a boyfriend?!?!

    Ssssoooooooooo devastated. I love Richie. You are suppose to have the smartest and cutest Italian babies together.

    What a waste… And you got a new man so quickly into your life?!?! That makes patching back even more impossible. I just hope u guys find good partners… ESP richie.. He is such a nice guy!!! Saw him at an event once and the girls couldn’t take their eyes off him.

    Reply to Very sad girl
  • I love the video! So cool!!
    It’s amazing!
    The only bad point is that it makes me miss the old days, with you and Richie!

    But, I have red a comment saying that now your work is worse… I personally think that now is much better!
    I truly love the new photograpsh! they are of so much good quality and full of style!
    The photography of Andrew is great!
    So, don’t change! 🙂


    Reply to Mireia M.

    its cool and cute but omg so fast i couldnt appreciate any of both of you beauties!

    Reply to Anna

    Chiara, who made the sweater dress in the video?? I love it, you look beautiful in every scene!

    Reply to Caroline

    ..and I have to add something else:

    Please take now and then a break! Quality is more important as quantity and you should also have a look after your health..if you work to much you will once have a burn-out…. please take this to heart

    Reply to Old follower

    Dear Chiara,

    I am now following you since many many years, nearly when you start opening your blog. What I have to say?
    Well I was always such a huge fan of you, and after the years also of Richie. Honestly, I know people change after years and after many experience, but I really prefer the “old Chiara”, where you showed us your “real” side. Now I see just perfect advertisiment photography – but NO CHARACTER at all. If I would not knew you from your posts of 2009, 2010 and 2011 I would never follow you (because advertisiment photography is nothing special because you can find it on every street corner)
    Your pictures before had so much character, you made me smile when I saw your pictures (they were so more creative before) and your very unprofessional but so cute videos. I also believed in real love as I knew you and Richie as this romantic and lovely couple.
    So like the video: since a long time one thing I like best on you.
    For though I now respect your “new life” with your new boyfriend I wished the old Chiara break through and be as she was before because in your “new posts from starting 2013” you seem to be a stranger, and it does not seem you.
    Please take this mail as a flak … I hope you go bake to your roots!

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    Btw the video is amazingly cool

    Reply to Liz

    You were beautiful and so cute together, but I guess u had your reasons so I respect you. I find it quite rude all those people who tell u to get back together even if they knew none of u both ^^

    Reply to Liz

    Missed you guys together. So sad when u guys broke up.
    I think I m still sad now, but i wish u guys the best.

    Reply to Fish is fishy

    OMG! This video is just so adorable!! C’mon!!! You guys still have that spark! I feel so happy that we were able to see you again together. You also said in you post that “portraying the role of an couple” OH C’MON!!!!! You to should still be together 🙁

    Reply to Jaicel

    Any chance of getting back together? Quickly? Before Richie find someone he likes?

    U guys are the true symbol of Italian couples..good looking, young, wild, bold, fun lovers.

    Love the video btw.

    Reply to chiara love love
  • Video bello…scarpe belle……voi INSIEME perfetti. Direi che per un attimo dovreste smettere di pensare agli affari, al mondo , etc….e ricordavi QUANTO vi siete amati e QUANTO vi amate ancora…. Rimettetevi insieme, siete fatti uno per l’altro! bissssouuuu :* :* :*

    Reply to anita
  • Sweet…adorable you two, stylish, natural and artistic video, etc etc. I rarely comment but now I just have to write down how I’m loving it:) Fast I got dizzy but no problem.

    Reply to Nataya @Chachamisu

    You guys are really perfect together! AA is so strange,it seems he is always drunk or sleepy! Zombie guy! Hahaha :p

    Reply to Amanda

    Hey Chiara, I don’t care what people say and i know it is none of my business…but you should not break up with Richie. Why why whyyyyyyy… did he not do enough to make you feel loved??? He is so smart, well educated, nice, sporty and sooooo HANDSOME!! He is perfect for you!!!!

    This awesome video is really an reaffirmation that you guys are so perfect together!!

    I missed the photos Ricchie took.. even he is not professional photographer. . You could tell he did all that becoz he loved u and u could imagaine how he looked at u.

    Now the photos are too cold and edited

    Reply to crazy girl

    well, it must really akward having this video out from when you supposed to be with your ex, when you already got yourself a new boyfriend.

    Reply to Michelle

    mi piace molto questo video
    sei bravissima Chiara! complimenti a tutti e due

    Reply to ambra

    Questo video è bellissimo. E voi due insieme siete perfetti, peccato che non abbia funzionato.. Mi avete fatto commuovere!

    Reply to Laura

    fa un certo effetto vedervi, state insieme 6 anni, vi mollate ed è come non fosse mai successo niente….capisco che sia lavoro ma mi chiedo come facciate :/ cmq belli insieme!

    Reply to lorena

    Video bellissimo! lo avevo già visto da Hogan in Montenapo.
    Siete splendidi entrambi! Bravi!
    ..Questo è lavoro quindi non faccio commenti sulla vostra vita.
    e tu sempre super! sempre più professional! grande!

    Reply to ste

    deve essere stato imbarazzante..

    Reply to F

    COSA PENSIAMO NOI?! BEEEEEEEEEH, A NOI PIACI CON RICHIE! Scherzo, bel video e siete stati bravi, anche se avverto un pizzico di nostalgia tra di voi! 😀

    Reply to Jasmin

    Me encanto!! Adoro a Richie parece tan buena persona y alegre como eres tu.

    Reply to Veronica

    Me encanto el video! se ven tan bien juntos!!

    Reply to ana

    Am I the only one who noticed that on the “lunch date” it says 12 AM, rather than 12PM? lol

    Over all, such a cute video!

    Reply to Daniela

    The video is pretty nice, I liked it… specially your outfits hehe.. shoes omg I love shoes!! 😛

    Don’t pay attention to what people say about you and richie, what is meant to be is meant to be… I bet you and him were happy together but that’s past and I honestly love to see you with Arthur he is also a hotie and you too seem to complement each other, and is visible that he loves you much 🙂 so rock it girl!

    I love your blog, and I miss your blondie blonde hair heheh!!

    Reply to Catarina
  • This video is awesome and so well done! It is a bit sad that you and Richi are not together anymore. Oh well- I guess you will just have to do a video like this with Andrew now!

    Reply to Laura Yazdi

    Seriously the chemistry you have with Richie is so powerful and strong.

    It makes the video sooo fun to watch over and over again.

    Now I am going to Hogan to buy some of that cool shoes.

    I hope Richie can find a great girlfriend soon. It won’t be fair for him to be a bachelor for long.

    Wish you make the right choice with your new relationship.

    Reply to Delighted

    Il tuo nuovo ragazzo non é geloso ne deduco

    Reply to S
  • It’s great to see you and Richi together! That’s a really cool video, seems like you had tons of fun filming it.

    Congrats on your new collab!



    Reply to Babesinvelvet - C.

    love it!
    visit my blog

    Reply to Zosia

    Anche se A.A. non mi ispira simpatia, forse perché questo blog è nato con te e Richie insieme e tutti si sono “affezionati” a voi due; forse perché vi siete lasciati, e tu l’hai “sostituito” in poco tempo…trovo questo video irrispettoso nei confronti del tuo nuovo ragazzo, visto che i commenti che ne sarebbero susseguiti erano scontati!

    Reply to Sha

    there’s no denying that the chemistry between the both of you sparks so bright that it blinds us all, but i do belief you both are in a better place now,anyway looking forward for your future endeavours !

    Reply to Sim
  • Waah I really like this video. But… are you too back together? 😀

    xoxo Mireille

    Reply to Mireille

    a dire la verita… non e che tuo nuovo BF é lo stesso vostro amico che stava in tutti posti e in tutti viaggi insieme a voi e riccardo???? beh, puo essere che quello é piu ricco di riccardo … come puo essere una lascia BF o essere stata lasciata x essere con un amico di voi due… hahahahah cmq auguri sei bravissima con uomini anche con tuo blog…lol

    Reply to no one angy

    Unstoppable. Love your friendship. Love the clothes. Love the shots. Purely unstoppable.

    Reply to Nicol
  • Great video Chiara! You guys look so cute together! I´m glad that you have that kind of relationship!

    Reply to Angie

    Superbe vidéo. Très bons acteurs et surtout Chiara et Richie parfaits ensemble, ne cherchez pas, il n’y a pas mieux.

    Reply to caroline
  • Tu e Richi stavate benissimo insieme, lui mi dà del classico ragazzo per bene… Ciò non significa che Andrew non sia carino, anzi, siete davvero carini, e poi al cuor non si comanda :’D Mina ♥
    Visit my blog: The Style Fever 🙂

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  • Funny how things change.
    Great video. You said acting… probably weren’t really acting when this video was filmed. There was a time when you didn’t look happy at all on your blog but you are slowly starting to look happy again.
    Good, good, stuff.
    Would you like to follow each other? http://www.androbelinsider.blogspot.com

    Reply to Belen Baquerizo

    I can’t get past how good looking and a great pair you both make. Talk about genes!!! Loved the video, the styling and the shoes. Very hip, young, urban.

    Reply to sahar_cle

    U are crazy to let him go!! I saw him last friday at Siviglia…he’s so hot!! I assume he will not stay single any longer…

    Reply to polly

    Sorry….what?! You broke off with this HOTNESS? Goddammit..Too bad. But lucky for all the girls out there.

    Reply to black and bleed

    that’s great!! Looks so beautiful 🙂 both of you!

    Reply to Luc

    LOVE THIS VIDEO. I follow you on Instagram but haven’t visited your blog much lately. I only came to see this video of you and Richie together. I miss seeing you together 🙁 I used to want a relationship like yours.

    Reply to Lena

    I love this video. Richie and you were such a perfect couple. I really missed seeing him on your blog. Your blog was never the same after you broke off with Richie. Pls do not post too many of your new bf’s pictures as I honestly can’t get the hang of it.

    Once again.. congrats on your great collaboration and beautiful video.

    Reply to jascintha

    Haha, awesome, I will try to do one as well, just for fun!

    Reply to Hamilton

    penso che la campagna sia fantastica e che voi insieme siete bellissimi………….. non è possibile che l’amore sparisca cosi!!!

    Reply to Sabri

    This must feel a little bittersweet as I imagine it was filmed not long before you two broke up. I’m happy that you seem to be so in love with Andrew but he doesn’t have the same “joie de vivre” in front of the camera as Richie does. Probably because he’s more comfortable behind the lens than in front of it. I wish you all well.

    Reply to Anon

    voi due insieme siete FANTASTICI………….. il TOP

    Reply to GB

    il video è bellissimo, non posso credere che non siete più fidanzati. Siete una coppia fantastica, spero vi ritroviate un giorno.

    Reply to Fiammetta
  • devo ammettere che non ho mai avuto un paio di hogan, non ne vado matta,
    pero’ ammetto che in questo caso sono benissimo interpretate 🙂
    gli ultimi 2 look tuoi sono stupendi ! e di certo il modello color cammello me lo prenderei anche io, è molto versatile ! ma bellissima la giacca e il maglione! eravate molto naturali nel video!
    si è vero non sate piu’ insieme come coppia ma siete fatti uno per l’altra e spero che vi rimetterete insieme 😉 ho preferito questa tua partecipazione come testimonial rispetto a quelle blasonate come con olivia palermo e altre blasonate del bel mondo, sei una star ma piu’ vicina al pubblico di loro, dovevano sceglierti prima!

    Reply to Amanda Marzolini the Fashionamy blog


    Reply to FOFI

    Ci rendete conto che siete stupendi insieme? <3

    Reply to Rosi

    Amazing video! Love the collaboration!!
    Love from Malaysia! x.

    Reply to Trisha
  • I recently know about your relationship with Ricky which has ended. After seeing you both together for so long and also looking at this video, brought back memories of you and him. It will take some time for me to get use to understand that you both are now work partners and has nothing personal anymore. I’m wishing you the best in love.
    I like this video. You and Ricky made the shoes look so good =)

    Reply to Diva In Me

    Dope!! Yo guys are awesome together 😀

    Reply to
  • Buongiorno,
    sono Luisa di http://www.ddmag.it il diario di stile di Isabella Morseletto che per
    il Giornale di Vicenza cura due riviste di architettura e un percorso di
    shopping .Ci piacerebbe poter fare un post-intervista alla signora Chiara Ferragni.
    Se riterrete interessante la cosa fateci sapere.
    Grazie mille.
    Cordiali saluti

    Reply to Luisa

    Come fa una coppia che si è amata per anni a comportarsi così? che sia per lavoro o meno? non me lo spiego. Siete ed eravate bellissimi! In bocca al lupo ad entrambi

    Reply to Giulia

    I love them as a couple! This project is smart and funny and you two are very handsome.
    Lovely video!

    Reply to MartaCe.

    I’ve got a personal question…are you back together with Richie? I won’t be suprised if you don’t answer 😉

    Reply to Ania

    LOVE this video 🙂
    You two are made to be with each other Chiara… <3

    Reply to Narges

    WOW you two are perfect couple. This video is amazing 😀

    Reply to Ana

    Sempre bellissima… Complimenti Chiara… Sei la migliore in assoluto!!!!!!!

    Reply to Terry
  • Though you guys are no longer a couple, I’m glad you’re still friends and colleagues. Projects like this makes me think that you guys are great entrepreneurs and business partners! Great vid x


    Reply to Lydia
  • Great idea for a commercial. Looks really natural and I really enjoy it. Good job!

    Reply to Sylwia
  • it may sound cheesy and weird..but seeing you guys together just made me feel way too happy..you were both so perfect together. Well, you are both amazing human beings that work hard and that i just admire 🙂
    The video is speechlessly great

    Reply to Simona Huidiu

    i am a big fan for 4 years but maybe that my first comment as i am sure that you don t really read them


    (i think Andreu is quite guy)

    Reply to eleftheria

    Questi video sono sempre più confusionari. Non fanno capire nulla e non mettono bene in mostra il prodotto.

    Reply to francesca

    Chiara, il video è fantastico! Stai benissimo e sei molto naturale, come se fosse una giornata normale e non stessi recitando, brava! Tu è Richi siete stati meravigliosi <3

    Reply to Fabiola

    I LOVE THIS VIDEO! It’s so fun, love the styling for it, and it shows off both of your personalities. It makes me a bit nostalgic for the times when you were actually a couple, but I know that you are both friends and colleagues now, which shows how mature and professional you are. Plus, I love that Chiara you have now found happiness with Andrew. But back to the video – I love it, and Hogan, this makes me think differently about you – you are more fun and diverse than I knew!

    Reply to Tricia

    Bellissimo video! molto divertente e spontaneo!!! Complimenti a entrambi!!!

    Reply to Giuly
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