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On top of gifts, holiday season is also about “what to wear for a festive party?”
My natural advice is to choose a mini dress: you can easily go for a sensual black must-have or consider a classic-not-classic red one or to shine with a metallic skirt and jacket.
Get some inspiration to complete your look with some accessories of your fav brands, as I did here wearing Styligion…and you will be ready to rock the party!

A Natale, tra i tormentoni più frequenti, oltre ai regali :), c’è anche: “Cosa mi metto per un party di Natale o a Capodanno?”
Il mio consiglio, naturalmente, è quello di scegliere un mini dress: da un sensuale abito nero ad un classico-ma-non-classico rosso o a un brillante abbinamento metallico. Ispiratevi sempre per completare il vostro look con gli accessori dei vostri brand preferiti, come ho fatto qui con Styligion…e sarete pronte a essere perfette per il party!

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Photos by Andrew Arthur

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208 Responses to “Holidays party dresscode”

    i absolutely love the black mesh dress. Where is it from?

    Reply to Arfah

    I loved all the looks and you look amazing as always!
    kisses from Brazil

    Reply to Evellyn
  • i swear your AMBER HEARDS lost sister- so pretty 😀

    Reply to lily
  • Love all of these looks and your makeup is stunning!

    Reply to Demi
  • You look absolutely gorgeous! Such lovely outfits, I would wear them all.
    How do you get your hair so amazing?! I love it!

    Reply to merredee

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    did she survive ?, is she still swimming ?
    is that good for lungs ?
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    so u already know i’ m annoying, little like


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    takes time to kill me please !
    i’ d like to suffer, about 6 second an half .

    Reply to brice.l

    Ciao Chiara, potresti postare un tutorial per replicare l’hairstyle di questo shooting? Splendida!

    Reply to Valeria
  • Awesome! you look terrific, those pics are great, and the dresses you picked are so glam for the festive party !

    Reply to Corie

    Wow great holiday dresses and some great pictures of your legs.

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    Want, want those dresses, you look absolutely divine Chiara, love the glitz, glamour and sparkles of your dress, its true a little glitz never hurt anyone 🙂 Thanks for the recommendation, will try to get one of this dresses before Christmas. I wish you a terrific day and enjoy the beautiful once in a lifetime date today 11.12.13 Kisses xx


    Reply to Barbirella

    amazing hair! 🙂
    visit my blog

    Reply to Zosia
  • Great look for the holidays. You look amazing in your pictures.



    Reply to Sofia
  • Bellissime foto ! L’abito rosso è carinissimo !!!


    Reply to Lilla

    ma i tuoi capelli biondi che fine hanno fatto? :\

    Reply to alessia

    per me è sempre natale quando ti vedo barefoot sul divano: perfetta!!!!

    Reply to fabrizio

    Ti stanno tutti benissimo! ma con quello nero sei splendida!!!!!

    Reply to Giulia
  • I like the first outfit best. Amazing. Thanks for sharing! I just blogged about a mini-dress
    from Dolce&Gabbana. That’s would I would wear – if I could afford it.

    Katharina from Katinka

    Reply to Katharina

    You are stunning….especially this black one is gorgeous on you.

    Love it



    Reply to Chrissie
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