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These have been amazing yet frenetic months, always traveling: New York, Los Angeles, Milano, Miami, Los Angeles and New York again and now back in Milano.. I could have never wanted to spend a Christmas away from my family, the most important people in the world to me..
Here I am in my city, Milano, trying to beat the cold in the Minusey parka and fight against time (how could I do it without my Baume&Mercier watch?) to buy the last presents and wrap the last meetings of 2013 🙂
How are you going to celebrate these holidays? With your family or traveling?

Sono stati mesi frenetici ma meravigliosi, sempre in viaggio: New York, Los Angeles, Milano, Miami, di nuovo Los Angeles, New York ed ora rieccomi a Milano… Il Natale con la mia famiglia è uno di quei momenti che non vorrei mai perdermi, uno di quei momenti per cui sono più che entusiasta di poter stare finalmente qualche giorno a casa insieme alle persone più importanti al mondo..
Eccomi quindi nella mia città, Milano, cercando di restare al calduccio nel parka di Minusey, e di lottare contro il tempo (come farei senza il mio orologio Baume&Mercier?) per comprare gli ultimi regali e finire gli ultimi meeting del 2013 🙂
Come festeggerete queste feste? Anche voi insieme alla vostra famiglia?

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I was wearing:


Photos by Gregorio Capineri Tosetti

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    pls don’t call us guys, sounds vulgar…siamo ragazze, donne, babies, ma not guys!

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    I can not believe people still using REAL FUR coat! In name of What? C’mon!! Goodness me! How sad it is.. Very disappointed with all this lack of sensibility for the poor animals. I feel sick.. not coming back this webpage..

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    adoro questo look <3 il parka è stupendo!!

    2 GIVEAWAY on my blog:

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    Nice pictures and I like your style, but I’m really disappointed that you buy real fur. It’s written on the webpage that a part of this parka is made of 100% raccoon fur. It’s really sad, you’re a fashion blogger and you have a dog so I guess you like animals too, so It would have been nicer if you thought about things like this. Please think about the animal cruelty behind the fur.

    Reply to Merve

    Beautiful Watch and the little bag is so cute!

    Reply to Marion

    Since I’m still a teenager, I’m going to celebrate with family and friends at home 🙂
    P.S: I love you soooooooooooooooooooooooo much!

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  • Lovely outfit! I adore the red detailing on your parka and the jewelry is amazing.
    I’ve never spent Christmas in another country and I only would if my whole family was with me!
    But after all I think Christmas is the best at home. Just think about all the packing with the presents and I wouldn’t get to eat the delicious dinner my mum makes every year!
    Hope you had a good Christmas!

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    Ah! Such a showering of gold! Glam-douche!

    Reply to foxxe
  • Loved the vintage feeling to it! Visit my fahsion blog for more updates!

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  • I’m in love with your bobby sneakers, they’re just perfect!

    Reply to Anne

    love the jacket and jewelry!!

    Reply to Pili G

    I’m French .i love your blog.All is beautiful.
    I’d like to buy this wonderful parka but on the shop there is only one size.
    Do you think it will be ok for me:1m68 size 40/42
    thank you very much

    Reply to laurence

    Poi dici che ti ammali!! con quelle cavigliette scoperte in pieno inverno a Milano!!!! 😉

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  • So glad you are taking time to be home for the holidays and be with family and friends. Though you travel to fabulous places all year long. I bet HOME is your favorite place.

    Hope you are have finished with all your shopping. 😉



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    Non serve vantarti tanto di questi viaggi, ti ci legge in faccia che non ti riposi abbastanza.. tutto eccesso nuoce!
    Cmq il Parka è carino, sono i jeans piegati così d’inverno che mi lasciano perplessa :s

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  • Ciao!
    Complimenti per la tua posizione su les chaiers, ottimo lavoro!

    Interessantissimo post. complimenti davvero, è ricco di immagini e frasi super coinvolgenti!

    Mi piacerebbe ricevere una tua opinione sul mio ultimo post

    Ti seguo sui social network, seguimi e rimaniamo in contatto!
    facebook | instagram

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    Mi piaci molto di più in questi look casual

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  • E’ sempre bello festaeggiare il Natale con i propri cari, bellissimo questo parka!
    un bacio!
    Passa a trovarmi VeryFP

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  • Love the coat, but I prefer fake fur but it looks really nice! Awesome glasses.

    Reply to Daphne

    Like seriously, I love you and all but, thank god your hair isn’t in front of your face all the time… sorry but that was really annoying! Love the pictures, love the looks, love everything and then… Your hair? I get it if you love the look /pose of it, loved it the first few times too but it got a little bit old… I always wonderd, how the hell does she sees anything? Anyway, thank god you mix it up a little, not that you care about one persons opinion but I’m sure there are tons and tons more like me.

    Reply to Rocco

    this look is amazing! love the gold jewerly! i’m going to spend christmas with my family 🙂
    visit my blog

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    Lovely parka except it is made with racoon fur!! You should stand against real fur..

    Reply to Viii
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  • I can totally understand that you don’t want to spend a Christmas without your family . It’s the same with me.
    When my friends suggested we should spend Christmas all together without family I immediately said no , because I just can’t imagine Christmas without family.
    I really like the outfit you’re wearing the color palette. The olive green khaki and blue looks so great together 🙂

    xx Julia

    Reply to Fashion rookie
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