In Forte Dei Marmi, when I had just finished shooting Goldenpoint video..

A Forte Dei Marmi, appena finito di girare il video di Goldenpoint..


I was wearing:


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    I love ur red bracelet!! May I have the link plz!!

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  • I’ve never seen you ever not look super cool and ofcoarse todays no different! That Jacket is so gorgeous you absolutel nail the sport luxe trend and even the vans I would never think to style them with it but everthing looks gorgeous xo


    Reply to Grandy

    Really cool outfit! Where are the shoes from? I’ve been looking for a leopard printed sneakers for a while! I love the neon green!


    Reply to Christine

    Nice look, but it’s maybe time to back to lighter hair:>? Your natural is red,but in blonde you looks like more cute and attractively 🙂

    Nice Prorok eye 😉

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    Stai benissimo con questo trucco e i capelli al naturale raccolti! Il rossetto é una favola! Unica pecca le scarpe che secondo me non ci azzeccano nulla, in più non mi piacciono proprio le Vans,però devo dire che in questa versione leopardata non sono poi così male!
    Certo che però con tutta la roba che ti regalano se non ti vestissi bene saresti una caso disperato! Devo dare comuqnue giustizia al tuo buon gusto innato! 🙂

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  • Honestly,
    with beautiful make up like that, you can make any face you want and look amazing in the photo

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    love the look, the vans are really prett and adore the neon bomber jacket
    xx ish

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    Beautiful outfit, love the jacket! xx

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  • What beautiful pictures of you. Love the jacket and its design. What color and make is your pilstick. It’s a beautiful color.

    If you get a sec, check out my latest post ‘Orange Dream’. I would love to read your thoughts on this Bebe romper.



    Reply to Sofia

    A TUTTE LE LETTRICI: smettete di postare commenti insulsi e il link del vstro blog perchè non li guarda nessuno! Chiara piace e non piace ma c’è un solo dato di fatto: ha avuto successo e tutto quello che viene dopo The Blond Salad è UNA COPIA. E quindi non avrà mai lo stesso successo. Fatevene una ragione, non vi inviteranno mai da Chanel e non vi inviteranno mai a Cannes. Ciao

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    Hello Chiara!
    Beautiful as always, love your wavy hair!
    However, I just wanted to say I kind of miss your old posts, when you used to share a lot more with us. I understand that with all the criticism you face it must be your way of protecting yourself, but now your blog is mainly pictures (beautiful ones, don’t get me wrong, I love the women you became) and I feel like something is missing … Many other bloggers share, and this is what I like about fashion blogs. I don’t only follow to see pretty girls in pretty clothes, I also follow because I like this interaction, I like to travel and discover, I like to feel like I know the blogger I follow … Haha sounds creepy I know, but anyway, just wanted to share this with you!
    Have a lovely day

    Reply to Olivia
  • Gorgeous outfit as per usual, that jacket is incredible!!

    Katie <3

    Reply to Katie

    Just wanted to say you look amazing as always. I think you have a very original style and I must say I have seen lots of girls copying you on their blogs but you are one and only. I also liked your stories on the blog so I miss the fact you don’t write as much anymore. Love your hair and make up, the Celine bag and how you combined the jacket and snickers with the shirt :))

    Reply to Dea

    can i give you a piece of advice? 🙂
    write more…we were used to that chiara who shared her life with us. that was the main difference between you and other bloggers. We like your style and projects, but…people read books, blogs ecc because they let them dream of better.
    Congrats on your success btw 🙂

    Reply to Charlie

    This make-up and her style is what really suits you. You look gorgeous!

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  • please, wear your curly hair more often! these are really stunning photos!

    xx Vanes

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    Sinceramente questo look non mi piace…de gustibus 😉

    Reply to Annalisa

    your eyebrows are awesome..i wanna have them;) you’re most beautiful blogger i’ve ever seen….(i follow around 100 blog:)

    Reply to yesim
  • I like the blouse and the shoes, but the total look isn’t really my piece of cake 🙂


    Reply to Becky

    Hello my dear!
    nice shoots!
    You re so cute!
    I like your outfit!
    Have alovely day!

    Reply to Helena

    a me piacevi molto quando scrivevi lunghissimi post di tutto quello che facevi, integrandoli con le foto.. ora mi sembra di guardare si delle bellissime foto, ma solo foto e niente “storia”.che sei bellissima e stai bene con qualsiasi cosa lo sappiamo, a me manca quel “di più” che prima ti era spontaneo..

    Reply to irene

    Bellissimo make up e camicia sensazionale!
    Mi dici che rossetto indossi?


    Reply to Maura
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