3U5A0165I love fashion, I love going to shows as much as I love to share what inspires me. I am in love with my clothes, my accessories, my jewels, everyday. I truly think that an item can be special only if it’s connected to some memories, to a person, to a special emotion. For Coco Chanel it was the same, she was inspired by her closest friends and other important ones in her life and It’s still like this for the french maison. I have been to the new make-up store in rue Saint Honoré where I had the chance to try the new Rouge Coco lipstick collection: 29 lovely nuances (but only 24 for Italy), each of them has the name of a very important person for Coco Chanel. Guess wich shade I chose? I chose the 440 one, and I found out after trying it on that it’s named Arthur. Just a coincidence ?! 🙂

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PARIS, March 2015

I was wearing:


Make up by Silvia dell’Orto, make up artist for Chanel

Photos by Andrew Arthur

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  • Lovely outfit! Plus those earrings are to die for!!! *.*
    Kisses from Vienna, Austria!

    xo, anney


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  • So stunning Chiara! Classic Chanel with a fun Blonde Salad touch 🙂

    I’m a fashion and lifestyle blogger from NYC. Check out my stylish adventures from the city at http://www.sustenanceandstyle.com

    Also looking for other bloggers to collaborate with!

    With love from NYC,

    Reply to Stephanie

    I have that same color – it’s a perfect Spring color that just brightens up your face. A word of advice, only love things that can love you back – like your friends, family and pets. Love is too powerful a word to be used on something as ephemeral as fashion. That said, I’m glad you changed out of the sparkly sneakers to these chic sandals with your total Chanel look. Beautiful color on you!

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    Amazing pictures, I love them !! congratulations to you both

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    It was a perfect coincidence! 🙂 Love the look!

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  • How beautiful, I love that you randomly picked Arthur! 🙂 Me too, I love my clothes and there’s a story to them… Some people can think it’s shallow, but I don’t think so, coz they’re just memories as much as a photograph or a keepsake.. Memories you can wear and/or treasure and carry with you forever! 😉



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  • Una bella coincidenza, in effetti, complimenti per le foto, questo look Chanel è divino

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  • Beautiful photos, and how cute that the lipstick you chose has the name of your boyfriend! 😉

    Jules x

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  • I actually was randomly passing by that street when you were posing against the window ^^ haha Ever since I was waiting to see the post regarding that moment
    You look lovely!
    Ambitieuse Paris

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  • Chanel beauty is my favorite make uo brand, it’s classic and it’s super chic. Adore the Chanel total look, it’s really beautiful and it represent the maison spirit. You look asolutely amazing in these wonderful photos. Adore these vintage earings

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