20142904_Chiara-Goldstein16231-copia A song in my head while I publish these photos: I’ll be your girl. One of the most unique houses I’ve ever been to, the Sheats/Goldstein residence. A dreamy view. The perfect Marianna G. white bikini, that from this day in Los Angeles has always been on my suitcase with me, ready for the next summer destinations. Una canzone in mente mentre pubblico queste foto: I’ll be your girl. Una delle case più uniche in cui io sia mai stata, la residenza Sheats/Goldstein. Una vista che fa sognare. Il perfetto bikini bianco di Marianna G., che da questo giorno a Los Angeles è sempre in valigia con me, verso le prossime destinazioni estive. 20142904_Chiara-Goldstein16242-copia 20142904_Chiara-Goldstein16179-copia 20142904_Chiara-Goldstein16253-copia 20142904_Chiara-Goldstein16182-copia 20142904_Chiara-Goldstein16290-copia 20142904_Chiara-Goldstein16264-copia20142904_Chiara-Goldstein16191-copia-682x1024 20142904_Chiara-Goldstein16297-copia 20142904_Chiara-Goldstein16222-copia 20142904_Chiara-Goldstein16282-copia

I was wearing:


Photos by Andrew Arthur Hair and makeup by Nikki DeRoest

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  • I damn wish I had Chiara’s body… 🙁

    Anyway, hay guys! I just wanted to talk you about my latest post, which is about the Latest LV show and my opinion about the health state of the models and what it might cause, which I think that was to worry about, so please check it out, comment, and all that stuff!


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    Hahahah sorry for the words written in a wrong way …
    Didn’t mean to say japonés … I wanted to say HAPPENS and instead of king KIND OF…
    iPad ortographic editor facts …

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  • Hi Chiara! i love the bikini and your attittude, being king of pale and wearing a white swimming suit. I suppose in Italy japonés the same as in Spain does: if you are not tanned it seems to be a crime. My skin is also pale and I like the way you show your body, without any complex!


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    Gorgeous, happy and content; keeping the bikini in your suitcase for the next summer destinations will give us peace of mind!

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  • Really lovely look!! In case you wanna check my blog: thelittlesecretsblog.blogspot.com
    I’ll be waiting for you!!

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  • Perfect body! You look amazing!!!

    Check out my blog bows-and-girls.blogspot.fr

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  • Such a gorgeous bikini! Lovely photography and location too.


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