I’m in Uganda… I arrived here yesterday to see some of the involvement made by Tommy Hilfiger for Millenium Promise and I couldn’t be happier about this experience which is totally different compared to what I’m used to.
Internet connection comes and goes, I prepared some posts before leaving and, If I have a chance, I’ll share some photos before coming back next weekend 🙂 I’ll keep you posted!

Sono proprio in Uganda… Sono arrivata qui ieri per assistere in prima persona agli sviluppi che sono stati fatti grazie a Tommy Hilfiger per Millenium Promise e non potrei essere più entusiasta di questa esperienza decisamente diversa dal solito.
La connessione internet va e viene, ho preparato qualche post prima di partire e, se riesco, cercherò di pubblicare qualche foto prima del mio ritorno il prossimo weekend 🙂 I’ll keep you posted!


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  • Chiara
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    E' stata un'esperienza assolutamente unica. Ho centinaia di foto da pubblicare

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  • Hey,guess am the only Ugandan following your blog….am so happy to hear that your here!!!!wooohooo and for a good cause at that…which part of Uganda are you?we could hook up!call me +256700807410

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  • Hey guess am the only Ugandan following your blog..judging by the comments…am so happy to have you here!!!!!!wooohooo!! wea in Uganda are you visiting or call me +256700807410

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  • ciao Chiara,
    deve essere davvero particolare come viaggi ed esperienza,
    al di là delle connssioni lente, credi che una volta tornata,
    questo viaggio ti avrà dato qualcosa di buono indietro e credo
    che rimarrai colpita nel profondo, è già molto importante che sei partita per vedere coi tuoi occhi quello che è l'africa, non è una cosa facile almeno credo, buona permanenza;)amy


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  • che fortuna deve essere una terra magica e dai colori unici

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    …che bella esperienza Chiara non vedo l'ora di vedere le foto!!!

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  • I think it is fantastic that you are a part of this amazing project!! I am donating for years now to an organization in Uganda that is helping children which are infected with HIV.

    It is important to give back.

    Have a good and safe trip!

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  • Have a wonderful time and please keep us posted on all the beautiful things you will see out there!!

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  • Hope you manage to have fun in some way. I don't know the conditions of living in Uganda, n of Mozambique and South Africa because I been there. They say there no other sunset like the African sunset! 😀

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    hey Chiara! wow, this is amazing! I wish you have a great time in Africa, and please if you can take alot of pictures! hahah it´s for sure one of the most beautiful continents to take landscapes pictures 🙂 have fun! Love from Argentina!

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  • Wow what an amazing opportunity, you're taking over the world 😉
    xx from L.A!

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  • ciao Chiara,
    sono stata 2 anni fa in Uganda ed è meravigliosa…. mi sono innamorata… anche tu ti innamorerai! 🙂

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    Hello..why did you took away my comment for your Hilfiger event I posted this morning…I didn't understand…I read Geraldine "Café Mode" blog and just made the connection..didn't want to spoil your trailers…anyway go trip..

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  • Amazing what you're doing, have fun!

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  • It is great that you will be heloing out in Uganda. But I thought Tommy Hilfiger was racist? Have a great time there changing someone's life 🙂

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  • This is wonderful. I'm sure you'll have an amazing, life-changing experience.

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    Come a little further south and visit South Africa 🙂

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    You're so so lucky Ciara!!! I'm so jealous 🙁 But waiting, for your pictures!!! (:

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  • WHERE ARE THESE SCARVES FROM OMG please chiara tell me

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  • Looking forward for you to show more about this country!!

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  • Wow. I`m excited to see some nice pictures!
    Have fun there!! 🙂

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  • Buona permanenza in Africa Chiara :)!Non vedo l'ora di vedere i post su questo progetto.

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    How can a racist design can be so much of an hypocrite, an how can you take part to this. Don't you know anything about Tommy's factories in Asia? It's s shame of his and you taking part in a ash throwing to the eyes of people.

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  • wow that's amazing! i've always wanted to go to uganda. i've travelled to africa before in Botswana, Zambia, and South Africa, but never there. have an incredible time Chiara 🙂
    – katie

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