It’s time of another set shot by Nima Benati: here is my “bad girl” side.

E’ tempo di un altro set scattato da Nima Benati: eccomi nella parte della “bad girl”.


Make-up, hair, styling, photo and retouching by Nima Benati

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    uso di photoshop ridicolo, non colpa tua ma della fotografa, sembri di plastica!

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    Bellissime foto! Ci voleva la vena aggressiva 🙂

    Reply to Nadine

    scusa chiara, ma sei così naturalmente bella! che senso ha tutto questo photoshop?????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Reply to annag

    Why do you let her photoshop your boobs? I mean you are kind of a role model to young girls and this might not be a realistic example to live up to…

    Reply to Flore

    Great photos but you are so beautiful why put the Cig in? You don’t need that. Keep up the good work

    Reply to Food_man56

    I agree on the cigarette thing, but for a very different reason:
    It is blatantly obivious that you do not smoke in real life. It really really shows on the photos. The way you hold the cigarette, they way it is in your mouth – it really spoils the otherwise great photos!

    Reply to Marianna

    Fantastiche. Sembri un fumetto. Oppure appena uscita da un film come Dick Tracy o Sin City.
    Mi piace quando il ritocco è così evidente, perchè diventa artistico.

    Reply to Maura

    Di chi sono quelle tette? Perchè ovviamente non sono le tue..

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    The pictures would be so much better without the cigarette. They are not only dangerous, but disgusting. There is nothing less sexy than a girl who smells like cigarette smoke! Gross!

    Reply to Christine

    I don’t normally leave comments but it’s hard to tell if the photos would have been any good, because the cigarette ruins everything. I hope you’ll use your growing popularity to set a healthier example next time.

    Reply to Jen

    Troppo photoshop

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    Great shot ! But my favourite is still the “bird of paradise” one 😉

    Reply to Jade

    I hate that shoot… I hate cigars… Thats not cool, or fashion.

    Reply to Ana
  • Wow! Amazing pictures of you.



    Reply to Sofia

    gorgeous and sooo dramatic! love how they gave you bigger boobs 😛 guess photoshopping is part and parcel these days

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    La prima foto è orrenda. La seconda bella!

    Reply to SMG

    Secondo me sono fotografie troppo elaborate, corrette: luci e colori risultano estremamente innaturali :S tu sei molto fotogenica, questi scatti non ti rendono giustizia…

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    Photoshoped to the max….Chiara please return to being yourself rather than being too editorial

    Reply to Nene

    Great shoot but… trop de photoshop tue photoshop

    Reply to Chloe

    You’re too smart to pose with a cigarette. Not in fashion at all.

    Reply to Anon

    I love it!! You girls are an amazing team 🙂

    Reply to Marie

    what do you think about collabration?

    Reply to amam

    You are so Gourgeouss!!!!!!!!!!! and stunning!!!!

    Reply to Jeimy

    you totally pull off the look, who is the outfit by ?

    Reply to Svetlana
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