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As a new The Blonde Salad is being launched, another dream comes true.. I’ve been simpsonized by Matt Groening himself! 😀

All the best for the 25th Anniversary of The Simpsons! And surprises with them are not over yet..


E appena lanciato il nuovo The Blonde Salad, un nuovo sogno si realizza.. sono stata simpsonizzata da Matt Groening in persona! 😀

E.. I Simpsons compiono 25 anni… Buon compleanno! E le sorprese con loro non sono finite..

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    E sul mio blog http:/

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  • this is soooooo fab, congratulations lovely! It just goes to show that blogging can take you in so many unexpected places. Awesome

    Reply to Jenny

    I love it.

    Reply to Tanya
  • I think that being designed as a Simpson is a dream comes true for everybody! 😀 Rocked it…

    Reply to Ezio

    Wow, this is so great! Congrats, Chiara! 🙂

    Reply to Kim

    woow! great! check my blog

    Reply to lisa
  • Oh Wow!!! That’s like the highest award there is for being popular… If there is an episode with you in, I’ll definitely watch it. The drawing is so spot on with the loafers and rings…

    Reply to Cindy Khor
  • He’s got everything right down to the accessories! love the way your shoes and that Celine nano look on the drawing.

    Reply to Modastic App
  • SO COOL!!! I love that he drew every detail down to your triangle pyramid tatt! 😀
    Are you gonna be part of a epi?!

    Reply to Eliza
  • OMG!! I’m so jealous!!
    Wish I was simpsonized as well…
    The Blonde Salad in Springfield… WOW

    Reply to Maria
  • Oh My Gosh this is by far the coolest thing ever !
    You know you’ve made it when you’ve been Simpsonized !
    Congratulations Chiara , continue inspiring !

    Reply to Zoë Backhouse

    No vabbè!! Mito!!! Brava tesoro, te lo meriti davvero <3!

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    Congratulations sweetie♥
    You’re such a lucky girl;)

    Reply to Fatima

    Sei una grande e per questo ti meriti una cosa che non tutti hanno il privilegio di avere. Ti sto odiando Tanto tanto ma sei il mito ❤️❤️❤️ Love u

    Reply to Anna
  • Chiara, this is UNBELIEVABLE. This is like one of the ultimate dreams, ever!

    Congratulations on this achievement!

    Reply to Liyana Aris
  • Now you officially made it. 😉 Congrats, that’s awesome!!

    Reply to Nina

    O M G that’s so cool! I mean these are The Simpsons 😀 rad!

    Btw I love the new layout! Way better than the old one.

    Love N.

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    This is just insanily cool 😀

    Reply to Iva
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