What could I say when I was asked by Lauren Moshi, artist and painter based in Los Angeles, to host her event in Miami for Art Basel and meet a lot of my followers from all over the world at the same time?
You all know #theblondesaladneverstops and so.. After three full days in Milano here I was on the first plane to Miami and right after that fully absorbed in art between palms, art Deco and the super warm Florida weather… Photos of all of my Miami style looks in the next days 🙂

Cosa rispondere quando mi viene chiesto da Lauren Moshi, artista based a Los Angeles, di fare da host al suo evento a Miami per Art Basel e conoscere tantissimi dei miei follower da tutto il mondo per l’occasione?
Ormai sapete che #theblondesaladneverstops e quindi… Dopo i tre giorni a Milano eccomi sul primo aereo per Miami, immersa all’istante nell’arte, tra palme, art Deco ed i 28° costanti della Florida.. Foto di tutti i miei look Miami style nei prossimi giorni 🙂


I was wearing:


Photos by Maxim Sapozhnikov

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  • You have the life. I love how you can look so chic and natural at the same time by rocking cut offs and a super chic tee shirt.


    Reply to Lindsay
  • I love your style, above all your Celine bag ! The art basel in miami ? Wow, it’s just the event of the month ! So lucky !

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    That’s really cool…outfit really jell well with the creative…..

    Reply to Smith
  • That beautiful art inspired me to do some painting myself!

    Love your blog!

    Reply to Lotte
  • Great pictures. I just saw the lips and the cigarette on a t shirt in Forever XXI.



    Reply to Sofia
  • The art is fabulous, and how lucky you got to be asked to host her event, such fabulous art pieces, I LOVE IT!!! Oh! there’s andrew!! heheee 😉 Btw I just posted one of my MOST POPULAR and FIRST EVER outfit posts from NYC featuring a sky blue fur stole, it’s super provoking, you must check it out if you like to be #PROVOKED.

    xx The Provoker

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  • When I saw you in pic I was thinking: Please don’t touch. 😉 I worked too many years in an art museum. 🙂 I love your hair, it looks fantastic. Thanks for sharing these impressions. 🙂

    Katharina from Katinka

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