Good morning to all of you from Shanghai 🙂
I arrived here during the morning (around 1 at night italian time) after two super long flights (Milan-Helsinki and Helsinki-Shanghai) and I’m gonna stay here for a week with Angie: I’ve been invited from Elite Model Management for the most important event of the year which is gonna take place here, and I will also have a chance to visit the city (it’s my first time ever in China).
I have some friends who lived here who gave me precious advice, but If you also have other ones to share I’d be happy to read them 😀
For the moment here are some photos taken when I arrived at the hotel, with a marvellous view (this look is becoming my “intercontinental trip suit” Do you remember when I arrived in Tokyo?)
Now let’s explore this place, excited!

Buongiorno a tutti voi da Shanghai 🙂
Sono arrivata qui durante la mattinata (circa l’una di notte italiana) dopo due voli massacranti (Milano-Helsinki e Helsinki-Shanghai) e mi fermerò una settimana insieme ad Angie: sono stata invitata da Elite Model Management per l’evento più importante dell’anno che si terrà proprio qui, e ne approfitterò anche per visitare la città (è la mia prima volta in assoluto in Cina).
Ho alcuni amici che hanno vissuto qui che mi hanno dato consigli preziosi, ma se anche voi ne avete da condividere sarei molto felice di leggerli 😀
Per ora solo qualche foto scattata appena arrivata in hotel, con una vista meravigliosa (questo look sta ormai diventando la mia “divisa da viaggio intercontinentale”, vi ricordate appena arrivata a Tokyo?)
Ed ora alla scoperta di questo nuovo posto, entusiasta!


MISS SIXTY JEANS (very old ones)

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    wow i love shanghai, it is a amazing city

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  • Lucky you being in Shangai…

    Please follow me..
    Always folloa back…

    Kisses 🙂

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  • che meraviglia… un mese circa due viaggi in Oriente e con culture completamente differenti… stanza d'albergo favolosa….ma son dei grattacieli questi alberghi…..tienici aggiornate con lunghi reportage……

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  • Buongiorno Chiara!
    L'altro giorno eri a Firenze e oggi sei già a Shanghai: una forza della natura!!!
    Buona permanenza: sono sicura che sarà un'esperienza meravigliosa!

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    Welcome to Shanghai! U'll have the best time in this city ! 🙂 TH

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  • 😀 You're there when I'm not there… :\ Wish I could get to meet you one day! Enjoy your stay!!! Eat lots of yummy Asian food hahaha. Watch out for food poisoning though.

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    Ciao Chiara, io dovrei andare a Shanghai a Gennaio…Potresti per favore dirmi in che hotel sei tu??


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  • M on the Bund is worth a visit at night for drinks and fine dining. As it's name implies, the restaurant is steps away from the famous Bund.

    If you have not heard already, I recommend visiting the Bund in the morning to see ladies doing tai-chi.

    Have a great time!

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    you should visit the beach-ish thing (it's called Waitan in Chinese =D) its like really cool! and along the beach there are some really nice stores as well =D hope you have a good time!!!

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  • Hooray, welcome to China!! ??????:) Check out The Bund at night, it's full of people and the lights look amazing. XinTianDi (???) is a lovely place to visit with lots of restaurants and cafes, and the French Concession area is full of lovely old colonial buildings. Nanjing Lu is the main shopping street, but you can find more interesting boutiques along XinLe Lu (???) and ChangLe Lu (???)! Have fun, and look forward to seeing your pictures! 🙂

    B xx

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    Hi, Chiara! I am a chinese, and I am from Hong Kong. I follow your blog religiously and love your style so much! It's great to see you visit China for the first time! Just want to share some tips, Chinese food is really awesome, so do try them! Sometimes, they may not look so nice and sound wierd (organs and stuff) but they do taste good, so try them! Secondly, it is still kind of dirty in China, so don't expect too much from the public washrooms in restaurants and some other places. I hope you will have a fun stay in China!

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    E che dire…..La foto mentre parli al telefono con la miu miu in primo piano quel cappotto da favola sulla sedia il mac con la custodia rosa e quel panorama…………………….WAWWWWWWWW

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  • Man, that passport of yours has probably ran out of pages from all the stamps! Anyway, you don't look tired at all, you look fresh faced and gorgeous as always! Have fun over there!


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  • Nice outfit!
    I hope you have lots of fun! 🙂

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  • For shopping you should definitely visit these streets: Changle rd, Maoming rd, Nanchang rd.
    For more view, my favorite places are: bar at Park Hyatt(87th floor) and bar at Shimao (66th floor).
    I'm also sure you are going to enjoy walking along Nanjing rd or Huaihai rd. It is very beautiful there!!!!
    Are you, girls, gonna have time to meet with readers? I would love to meet you, as it is such an opportunity:)

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  • sei molto carina con questo look, giovane, adatto alla tua età e al tuo fisico asciutto.

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    Chiara che invidia per questo tuo viaggio!!! E quella meravigliosa dolcissima vista sullo smog e i palazzoni <3<3<3<3<3 ?? Che fortuna, ma te lo meriti proprio!!!

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    dovresti variare un pò il tuo look da viaggio..non hai altri jeans…??
    un bacio! 🙂

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  • Chiara! Ti consiglio il Bar Rouge, cocktail buonissimi e vista mozzafiato sulla terrazza – vedi l'area Pudong dall'alto, davvero emozionante!!

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  • Hi !
    First thing I have to say is you’re really lucky to be in Shanghai ! I’ve spent a month there this summer and it’s really the most wonderful city in the world. There are things you can’t miss while you’re there:
    1. Places to see: first you should walk around in the Bund, go to Yu Garden and walk in the neighborhood, go to the French Concession (a very cute place) near Huaihai Lu (the big street with all the luxury shopping), you should really go to Taikang Lu it’s a small place with tiny streets and nice shopping, you can also buy amazing pictures of shanghai, if you want to se a temple don’t go to Jing’an because it’s quite a fake one, go to Jade Buddha Temple instead. You can also explore Shanghai in sidecars it’s so much fun!
    2. Shopping: there are tons of little shops with chinese designers clothes in the French Concession and it’s very nice, original, then you can go to huaihai lu and the big malls of course (European shopping), there are some nice shops in Xintiandi too and Shaanxi Lu. If you want to see where all the Chinese girls get dressed you should go to Shi Pu Lu (but it’s overcrowded and very low quality, it’s funny though).
    3. Restaurants: if you want Chinese food you might try the Dim Sums at Yu garden (the best in town with the ones in Xintiandi), if you want shanghaiese food go to 1221, for sichuanese food go to South Beauty and for Balinese food go to the Park near Jing’an temple there is a restaurant in front of a lake from where you can see people do tai chi and the food is awesome. You should also go to the Hot Pot restaurant on 477 Shaanxi bei lu (very typical and excellent).
    4. Going out: that’s one of the best part of Shanghai! Of course you have the basics like Bar Rouge on the Bund or Mint. And then you have the Chinese clubs, you can’t miss this: you can go to Phoebe or Bachoba (88) on Donghu lu. On Wednesday it’s ladies night, the best ones are at the Mint, Brown Sugar in Xintiandi or the one at the Vue Bar (but arrive early like at 7 if you want to enjoy the view without too many people). If you just want to go to a bar you should head to the Apartment (on the rooftop), Vue Bar or Barbarossa (in people’s park) or Anar Bar on Sunday. You also really have to go take a brunch at the Jinmao tower!
    Hope you’ll like it, enjoy!
    If you want to see pictures of the places go to

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    ma quando fai questi viaggi dove ti invitato paghi tu la trasferta?? rispondiiiiiiiii

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    Visita il quartiere della concessione francese.. Quello merita! Così come il Bund e l'area che lo circonda… Quanto ti invidio!

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  • The J W Marriott Hotel in Tomorrow Square is worth a visit. They have a lovely bar on the 40th floor with great views and cocktails!

    Also Ajisen Ramen is a restaurant chain that is worth a visit! They do amazing bowls of soup noodles and lots of yummy sides.

    The yu yuan gardens is a popular tourist place it can be very busy but it is a nice place to see.
    Have a lovely time! x

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    secondo me ti dovresti rifare bionda chiarissima come a inizio blog, questo colore indefinito e sinceramente brutto, ti sbatte un sacco, hai l'aria sempre stanca ultimamente e le foto sono sempre le stesse…un po' di noia

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  • Chiara
    • Author post

    Thanks so much people 🙂
    To answer your questions: when I'm invited on a business trip of course I don't have to pay my expenses, and most of the times I'm also paid for the job I accepted.

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  • aaah…Shanghai is an amazing place! I was there this summer for a month and till then can't wait to go back again!

    I would advise you to go to the antique market- you can find amazing things there and negotiate good prices, just bear in mind that most of the things aren't real antiques…but still, the necklaces, little things, old cameras you can get there are amazing.

    Also, there is a market where you can order clothes for yourself- choose the fabric, the syle, make your own alterations and they will take your measurements and will make it for you in few days.

    The store I would advise you to go is "Shang-Xia". It's Chinese luxury store, the pieces they sell are exclusive and also very expensive, but it's just worth to go to store and see it as the store itself is beautiful and something you won't see somehere else. But it's more for looking than shopping as the pieces they sell are more for collectors (China plates, wooden chairs etc)

    The view from Bund area is amazing but that will probably be the first place you will go when exploring the city.

    If you go over to Pudong, you should definitely go up to one of the tallest buildings- either Hyatt, which looks like Empire State Building or the other one that looks like "Bottle opener".

    Then also the old Shanghai is a beautiful area, there you can also find the best/oldest dumpling restaurant and really beautiful tea house. There is also a beautiful garden, but it closes at around 16:00 if I remember correctly and I was there too late to see it.

    About food. If you get tired of Chinese food, I advise you to go to "Element Fresh", there you can get amazing salads, smoothies and just fresh food. And the other thing that I would recommend is restaurant called "People 7" which is like a secret restaurant. You have to book a table to get there and they will give you "a code" to get in, otherwise you can't (even though it's not totally impossible). From outside you can't even tell there is a restaurant, but when you go in, it's really amazing…it's very spacious, very modern, the food is awesome and the atmoshphere is great. It's in French Concession Area.

    There are so many other things I would like to advise you to go, but I believe many of those your friends will show you. Have an amazing time there and say hi to Shanghai from me! 🙂

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  • Chiara
    • Author post

    Grazie mille a tutti voi per i consigli 🙂
    Per rispondere alle vostre domande: quando sono invitata a partecipare ad un viaggio di lavoro nessuna spesa è naturalmente a mio carico, e spesso anche il lavoro viene pagato. Spero di aver chiarito i vostri dubbi!
    Per quello che ho potuto visitare posso dire che Shanghai mi emoziona

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  • Chiara
    • Author post

    P.S: Quei vecchi Miss Sixty sono i miei jeans da viaggio, li indosso sempre in aereo perchè comodissimi!

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  • Chiara
    • Author post

    P.P.S: Sono ospite all'hotel Intercontinental, nuovo e molto accogliente!

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  • China is one of those countries you want to visit over and over again. Every time is different.

    Shopping is great, too.

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    Hello, what are your boots in these pictures? Thanks.

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    Chiara l'area del Bund e' incredibile sia al giorno che alla notte. gli alberghi lungo il Bund valgono la pena specialmente The Peninsula dove mi sono fermata, Waldorf Astoria per te' pomeridiano e Peace Hotel per il famoso jazz bar del 1920. esistono tante gallerie d'arte commerciale circondante per esempio the Shanghai Gallery of Art e Pearl Lam Gallery, inoltre negozi carini alla moda come Annabel Lee e Suzhou Cobblers. Per una cena, mangi al ristorante di Jason Atherton a Waterhouse Hotel. E' un cuoco famoso che ha lavorato con Gordon Ramsay e ha un ristorante popolare a Londra si chiama Pollen Street Social. per un pranzo casual vai a Noodle Bull anche Grand Hyatt a Pudong per viste impressive della citta'. Cena a M on the Bund e dopo Glamour Bar sul Bund. Taikang Lu per lo shopping interessante, Spin Ceramics per stoviglie innovative, Shanghai Tang e' il brand globale della moda lussuosa di Cina (o Hong Kong) con negozi a London e New York, Nanjing Road per un cammino alla notte per vedere luci intense (come Times Square). Luxe e Wallpaper sono guidi turistici raccomandati. Non si puo' negare che Shanghai sia una citta' eccitante e avrai molto divertimento, comunque, sta ancora sviluppando e secondo me, non ha raggiunto lo stesso livello di citta' come London, New York o Tokyo.

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  • Ciao Chiara!! Bellissime foto come sempre! Posso chiederti quale reflex usi per scattare le immagini del tuo blog? Ne voglio comprare una per Natale e volevo un consiglio! Un bacione!!!


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  • OMG – you're a lucky girl :)) What an amazing view, trip and event yor're about to experience.
    Go girl!
    Looking forward to see more pictures!

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    have fun!! shanghai's my city 😉 maybe i'll be lucky enough to bump into you randomly~

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  • Yeah, when I was 12 I made a beautiful trip in China and Shangai is a wonderful city, the Nankin Street is really amazing, hope that you can go in this street during your trip !!
    I do not remeber the name of my hotel but it was magical !! Your pictures are nice !!

    Enjoy !! 🙂

    Reply to Caro *

    have afternoon tea at either the peninsula hotel or the waldrof-estoria hotel. the peninsula has a beautiful Chanel store and serves chic, modern tea, the waldorf-estoria gives you lavish cakes on three tiers delicious!
    walk on The Bund at night time…it is very vibrant and you can see the harbour.
    shanghai is okay…Hong Kong is faaar better (you get more fashionable people and ALLL the fashionable shops there, as well as better restaurants. They all speak english in Hong Kong). I think you would enjoy it more there If you can make a short last minute trip xxx

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  • Ciao Chiara devo dire davvero una bella vista e anche lo stile della camera mi piace molto moderno…buona fortuna per la Cina ma credo che ti troverai bene ci và spessò il padre del moroso di mia sorella e da li ci porta sempre delle belle cose…l'ultima volta ci ha regalato dei ventagli cinesi stupendi…bè buon proseguimento:)


    Ciao Chiara è la prima volta che commento o forse la seconda:D guardo sempre il tuo blog e ti adoro! tienici aggiornati anche perchè io tra 20 giorni andrò a shanghai e seguirò i tuoi consigli su negozi e quant altro non vedo l'ora! divertiti tanto!

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    The black eyeliner looks harsh on you, have you ever considered taking professional make-up lessons? You always look so great when you get your make up done (Not trying to offend you, just being honest).

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  • Ahh I have lived in Shanghai for 5 years! I hope you like it!!! Shanghai is my favorite place in the world!

    Reply to Chrissy

    Cooool!! It will be great following you in China! Love hotels high up too!

    Reply to Anna

    Hai il viso stanchissimo secondo me tutti sti viaggi non fanno tanto bene alla salute bisogna staccare un po' ti sciupano! baci!


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  • Can't wait to see other posts about your journey in Shanghai! And i love your "travel-look" 🙂

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  • Welcome to shanghai, this is a lovely city that u will surely fall in love with.
    And one thing for sure to try out and the sunday westin brunch which with champagne free-flow.
    And for parties, u shall check out both m1nt and bar rouge, but as u r invited for the elite model thing, guess u will go to BR on sat., hope to see u there.


    Reply to Je suis Fani, Enchante!

    I know a lot of people say this, and I have said it before too: You are so so so lucky, it's insane! Even though I'm jealous, I am SO happy for you! I'm from Shanghai (grew up in Europe though), and I'm sure you will love the city.:)

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    stupendo ! che vista magnifica!oltre che lavorare, divertitevi baci a te ed Angie vi voglio bene Franky

    Reply to Anonymous

    Hey, I live in Beijing and have traveled all over China. I'm sure you quickly realized Chinese people can sometimes get extremely excited about foreigners, especially beautiful blonde foreigners. Take it in stride and don't worry if people stare or ask for pictures which I am sure you are used to. Have fun 😉

    Reply to Ray

    It's amazing how much you get to travel. I'd like to see the world as well. Good luck with all of your projects! xx

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  • shanghai is crazy… skyscrapers to the horizon in every direction! good luck navigating the streets!

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  • Personally I like going places where I don't speak the language, don't know anybody, don't know my way around and don't have any delusions that I'm in control. Disoriented, even frightened, I feel alive, awake in ways I never am at home.

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