Last photos shot in Los Angeles, where I can’t wait to go back to at the end of July.
Such a romantic dress could only be worn with booties and a militar vintage shirt, of course enriched by Sal Y Limon bangles.

Ultime foto scattate a Los Angeles, dove non vedo l’ora di tornare a fine Luglio.
Un vestito cosi romantico non poteva che essere indossato con stivaletti e camicia vintage militare, naturalmente impreziosendo il tutto con i bangle Sal Y Limon.


I was wearing


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    So che i contrasti sono parte del tuo stile ma l’abbinamento del vestito bianco, bellissimo e romantico, con la giacca militare è un contrasto davvero troppo forte. Gli stivaletti secondo me erano più che sufficienti per dare quel contrasto che cerchi, la giacca l’avrei evitata!!

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  • I loved the dress and how it combines with the army jacket! And the sunglasses are so in right now, very trendy!

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    mi piace moltissimo, nulla da eccepire! il migliore degli ultimi tempi secondo me.

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  • Love it! Your bag is really amazing 😀 Of course, your dress is so nice, too 😉

    Klaudia :))

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    Ma… le foto a bocca aperta… fanno sexy? bah!…

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    Ti prego!! Ti prego!! Ti prego!! Ti prego!! Ti prego!! Ti prego!! Ti prego!! Ti prego!! Ti prego!!
    Smettila di farti quelle ridicole sopracciglia! Tu non sei Cara e su di te sono surreali. Non stanno bene a tutte.

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    Do you see just how beautiful your eyes are, yes the sunglasses great. but your eyes darling, when we can see them, just how beautiful they are ~ just me, just my comment ! so bella

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    I love the delicate lace mixed with the rough cargo jacket, opposites attract and look awesome!

    Cee. ♥
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    I love the army jacket and aviators together – looks so legit!
    Always love a black nail too. You look amazing as always.

    love outside is colours

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    love the look, the dress is so pretty and love the contrast between the lace and the army jacket
    xx ish

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    Quella camicia non centra proprio niente con quel vestito , che fa già la sua bella figura da solo!

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    Il vestito è molto carino, ma non mi piace con la camicia

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    Beautiful/cool/ strong/real pictures: like your style (and its amazing evolution) go, go, go Chiara!

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    Semplice e naturale. Tutto.

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  • The third and fourth photos are magnificent! Love how the glasses complement the army jacket!

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  • Amazing! I love how you paired the military jacket with such a delicate dress! Did you find the vintage jacket in LA or somewhere else?

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    This dress is amazing! It looks so fragile and beautiful. And I love how you have paired it with a militar vintage shirt! Stunning as always 🙂

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  • El vestido es precioso, tiene que resaltar el moreno de maravilla, un saludo

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  • I LOVE those sunglasses! I have been wanting the red/orange pair for ages! Love the dress too! The jacket with the sunglasses reminds me of Tom Cruise, ha ha! Great outfit though! Your boots look similar to the ones I saw you wearing in Firenze last month to the dinner 😀 😀


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    Gorgeous dress & shirt x


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    You are not the same without Richie! In fact the blog doesn’t have the same feel either. It’s become too promotional.

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  • wow great Inspirations! I had never the idea to combine a cute dress like this with a militaryjacket.
    I am impressed *.*
    Love, Mona

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