Shopping from Uganda: most of them are charity items handamde by Ruhira women

Before the last stories about my experience in Uganda here are some photos I shared during these days on Instagram (@Chiaraferragni)

Prima di finire di raccontarvi la mia esperienza in Uganda ecco alcune foto che in questi giorni ho condiviso su Instagram (@Chiaraferragni)

The italian team: with me and Richi also Annalisa and Francesca

Il team italiano: con me e Richi anche Annalisa e Francesca


Ruhira babe after school

Bimba di Ruhira dopo la scuola


Last day: in Kampala

Ultimo giorno: a Kampala


I Promise tshirt from Tommy Hilfiger: you can find the “Promise collection” in the stores and all the earnings go to Millennium Promise

Tshirt I promise di Tommy Hilfiger: potete trovare la “Promise Collection” nei vari store, tutto il ricavato va a Millennium Promise


Everynight: Kenyan beer

Tutte le sere: birra kenyota


Richi and I during the morning

Io e Richi alla mattina


And coming back in the late afternoon (he always falls asleep in the car)

E tornando in hotel il tardo pomeriggio (si addormenta sempre in macchina)


African bracelet I wore once home

Braccialetto africano che ho indossato appena tornata


Memory book before going back home

Memory book prima di tornare a casa


Matilda likes her new african collar

Matilda adora il suo nuovo collare africano


With the girls

Con le girls


Uganda’s coffee I brought home with me

Caffè ugandese che ho portato a casa con me


Uganda’s dances in Ruhira

Danze Ugandesi a Ruhira


Tommy Hilfiger african bracelets

Braccialetti africani di Tommy Hilfiger


Going back home: stop at Amsterdam airport

Tornando a casa: stop all’aeroporto di Amsterdam


Last morning in Mbarara

Ultima mattina a Mbarara


Handmade bracelets and necklaces made by Ruhira women

Braccialetti fatti a mano dalle donne di Ruhira


Before taking the plane back home

Prima di prendere l’aereo per tornare a casa


African handmade bracelets worn back in Italy

Braccialetti africani indossati in Italia


Lake Victoria at 6 am

Il lago Victoria alle 6 del mattino


Some of my african shopping for me, friends and family

Parte del mio shopping africano per me, amici e famiglia


Road to Ruhira by Jeep

La strada verso Ruhira in Jeep


Werelse for MANGO πŸ™‚

Werelse per MANGO πŸ™‚


121 Responses to “Instagram from Uganda”

    Wonderful!!! Could you tell if there is an (online) store where one could buy those beautiful bracelets?

    Reply to Anonymous
  • You all did a great job. So emotional…

    I've found your blog about a month ago and now I get daily inspiration from it.
    So thank you very much, Chiara!

    My name is Asem, and i read your blog from Kazakhstan.

    Reply to ????
  • werelse for mango – so funny!

    love matilda's collar – if my dog was not too hairy I would love to have him a collar like this!

    ? ThankFifi

    Reply to thankfifi
  • Your photos make us say #ipromise *.* (p.s. – dear Chiara that insta Werelse for Mango is the cutest, yesterday when i saw it on your twitter make my day, just laughed so much ihihih πŸ˜€ ) beijinhooos http://www.katefp.com

    Reply to KATEFP
  • I think you had an amazing time! Really enjoyed the photos and I'm in love with the jewelry you got!


    Reply to Floortje

    You don't see the irony of wearing a bracelet to remember the harsh conditions of life in Uganda and much of Africa, nestled between a very expensive Cartier bracelet and watch? I'm interested to see if this trip has a lasting impact on you.

    Reply to Anonymous

    ok, sei bellissima.
    mi chiedo solo: come coniughi l'esperienza di un viaggio del genere, in mezzo a gente che ha poco o niente, con le cifre che spendi per i bei vestiti che indossi?


    Reply to Anonymous

    Cute photos!!! I'm so glad you did this!
    Kisses from Brazil!

    Reply to Hanna
  • My church sells jewelry and other items from Uganda and it's such a great cause. The pictures and what you're doing are wonderful =)

    Reply to Tisha Green
  • I was looking for the Werelse for MANGO item, and I was like: is it the glasses? Is it the shirt? And then I realized: ha-ha, very funny, Chiara. πŸ™‚

    Reply to Ola Paszkowska
  • Tutte foto splendide e bellissimi i ricordini che hai portato in Italia! A Matilda questo tocco africano dona moltissimo! πŸ™‚

    Reply to Laura Mint

    Ciao Chiara bellissimo post come del resto tutti quelli che hai pubblicato fino ad ora su questa esperienza indimenticabile. Posso farti una domanda? Mi ha incuriosito molto la forma del ciondolo dorato che c'Γ¨ su un bracciale che hai preso in Uganda…ha un significato particolare?

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    What beautiful pictures, and is very good idea bring some things to the poorest people in the world. But is very sad that you've avoided touching the black people, be careful, one might think that you are a racist.

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  • "In addition to this, there will also be another COMPETITION reserved for The Blonde Salad readers, whose prize will be a trip to Uganda, to take active part of this project.."

    So what ever happened with this competition? Did a reader join you on this trip?

    Reply to Petey

    Foto bellissime e esperienza bellissima! Ma di che marca sono quegli occhiali coloratissimi della settima foto?

    Reply to Anonymous
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