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Photos of the last, cold day in Istanbul: we visited the Dolmabahçe palace in the morning, and the unbelievable Topkapi in the afternoon, which left all of us speechless. I’m spending these days on a boat trip, enjoying the last moments of holidays before coming back to Milan reality (and to the new flat) 🙂

Foto dell’ultimo, freddo giorno a Istanbul: abbiamo visitato lo splendido palazzo Dolmabahçe nella mattina, e l’indescrivibile Topkapi nel pomeriggio, che ha lasciato tutti quanti a bocca aperta. Sto passando questi giorni in caicco, godendomi gli ultimi momenti di vacanza prima di tornare alla realtà milanese (ed al trasloco) 🙂

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    Bella, ma gli shorts a Istanbul li avrei evitati…

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  • That is so cool – I mad exactly the same picture as you in the first picture!!!!

    Reply to Julye

    sempre bellissime le tue calzature,come del resto i tuoi bellissimi piedi smaltati unici e rari:)

    Reply to Liberato

    You are more than welcome in Istanbul, we want you to always come back, hugs from Turkey 🙂

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  • Gorgeous shots !! Love the leopard sandals.


    Reply to Lily
  • Beautiful photos! Your sandals and clutch are lovely. Looking forward to your next post 🙂

    Reply to Andrea

    We love you Chiara :)! You are welcome in Turkey any time! <3

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    nice pictures – but sorry – the sunglasses are too big for you…

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  • these pictures make me wanna go to istanbul very very soon! you look soo pretty as always! safe trip home!

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  • aw so pretty! 🙂 love these pictures, and you look fab as always!

    B xx

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  • I used to travel to Istanbul every 8 weeks on business, so this brings back so many memories – it's such a fab city!
    Love your Topshop sandals & that clutch is to die for xoxo

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  • Wonderful photos, your clutch is beautiful!


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  • Everything is just perfect there! That place is unbelievable, I love the photos and yu look great! 😀 It's always hard to come back from a wonderful vacation..I also hate the feeling.

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  • Your blog, you, and all your clothes and life style are amazing! I saw all your post, at the beginning. I do it through 4 days! You're inspiration for many people and i'm jealous of your life! Wish you luck! xoxo

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  • Oh what a fantastic look a great combo of casual and chic!

    lots of love from Madrid/L.A.

    Reply to Lizette

    oddio quanto ti ammiro *W*
    sei bellissima e studi pure alla Bocconi<3
    Un giorno voglio diventare come te, fare questi meravigliosi viaggi ed indossare i vestiti più belli.
    Ho ordinato i tuoi stessi sandali da Topshop, speriamo bene 😀
    ti mando un grande bacettoxoxo
    ps=continua così<3

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    bellisimo sia il posto che te(come sempre)! ah ti preferisco così col trucco.. 🙂 bacio!

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    Have you ever thought that Ottoman sovereign and sultans once walked thru the road you stepped on? It is so crepy for me. They ruled 3 continents, some were younger than me and I walked through the same road like a little girl =)))) what a world…

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  • Che bei colori in queste foto…e i sandali sono strepitosi!!!

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  • your hair looks beautiful in this post! lovely outfit as always, i especially like the accessoiries 🙂

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  • Carino l'abbinamento scarf-shoes,mi piace molto questo look,e soprattutto quel bracciale…decisamente STUPENDO!La borsa è troppo sparkling,ma non male…
    Stanotte ho sognato Chiara LOL!

    Come visit me,I always follow back!

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  • This is gorgeous outfit!
    Love everything about it, head to toe!!
    These pics are lovely!^^




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  • Your outfits are always perfect, simple and chic! Great photos, i have to visit this beautiful city one day! Thanks for sharing!

    xoxo, Timbo

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  • That tile work is gorgeous! I'd love those intricate patterns on a scarf…I love your clutch but don't you find them awkward to carry all day, especially when you're traveling and dealing with a camera, map, etc.? And sorry my dear, but you look quite chilly in your shorts and sandals in the photo with your girlfriends, looking less fashionable, but warm and cozy in jeans, hooded sweatshirts and trainers!

    Reply to Petey

    Salve Signorina Chiara! Giusto per capire….quante valigie ha portato con se? 678? 🙂

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  • Hi!!!! Love the pics and the outfit!!!! The sandals, the pashmina and the jewelry!!!! I want to be there…

    Reply to Sofi

    Loving your outfit and well that sleeping cat is super cute!


    Reply to Sam
  • That Miu Miu clutch is definitely my favourite out of all your bags – it really spices up any outfit! Love the leopard accents in your outfit, too. Great photos! I live vicariously through your travels 🙂

    xx from Montreal,

    I Bleed Fashion

    Reply to Sarah M.

    I recently dicover your blog. You are absolutely gorgeous.Love all the pictures 🙂 Greetings from Bulgaria 🙂

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    I love that you don't photoshop the scar on your knee! It makes you look a bit more human – not perfect to the point of being boring!!

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    Chiara, sono le migliori foto che io abbia mai visto di un viaggio!!! Meravigliose! Complimenti per tutto…e bellissimo anche il gatto! 😉

    Reply to Simona

    Chiara, sono le più belle foto di un viaggio che io abbia mai visto!! Meravigliose! Complimenti per tutto!…e bellissimo anche il gatto! 🙂

    Reply to Simona

    Le foto sono bellissime!! di solito il leopardato non mi piace ma ti faccio i complimenti perchè questo look è molto bello:-) Vero.

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  • I love the clutch! Very nice shots and an inspiration for me. You're wearing the shoes which I'm going to sell in my new job function as an international sales person for Italy and Germany!

    Reply to Maaike

    hi i was here too i look around for u all the ways but i couldn't see ? hope to see urrs photo much more than these i love u evolution;)now i back my town too maybe i ll hope to se u another time the world is small….

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  • Amazing Turkey! I would love to visit there in the future. BTW, i really like your leopeard print sandals and coat.

    Reply to XYRYL

    What a nice trip you had given us with your photos……thanks for sharing…….nice group of friends too….

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  • Chiara
    • Author post

    Hi guys, I'm back home now and I already miss Turkey a lot, had the best time there in these 10 past days 🙁
    Tomorrow there's gonna be a new post full of boat photos, there are gonna be a lot!
    Thanks for always supporting me and The Blonde Salad!

    Reply to Chiara
  • Chiara
    • Author post

    Grazie a tutti ragazzi, sono tornata oggi dalla Turchia e già mi mancano tutti i momenti passati li in questi splendidi 10 giorni 🙁
    Domani aspettatevi un post pieno di foto!
    Il giveaway di Unique Way è finito il 10 agosto come da regole, ed il vincitore è stato annunciato uno o due giorni dopo sulla loro fanpage!
    Grazie per supportare sempre me e The Blonde Salad!

    Reply to Chiara
  • Ouw!
    whats amazing place…loved the photos!
    last photo of the cat its soooo cuutteeee!!

    xo xo

    Reply to Iara
  • splendido viaggio che ti ha lasciato ricordi meravigliosi…
    le splendide foto lo testimoniano!

    Reply to marina
  • bellissima!
    Mi piace il clutch, non so come si chiama in italiano, va be' la borsa!
    ? Letizia


    Reply to letizia
  • you look beautiful! clear skin, great hair and natural makeup
    love the look.

    great post (:


    Reply to emdez

    Perfect outfit! The Hermes collier de chin ties the whole look together. The sandals are so cute!

    Reply to Carmen
  • deve essere un posto meraviglioso…sarà uno dei mie prossimi viaggi :P…Bellissima la sciarpa animalier!

    Reply to Valeria

    you are always welcome to our beautiful Istanbul. you and all the photos are also very nice 🙂

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