Ready for the weekend people?
Here are two companions of my last days in Milano before starting to leave for my business trips in Brazil (I’ll be back in Rio De Janeiro from Monday), Los Angeles, New York and then holidays: the Celine bag of my dreams and one of the most eyecatching jackets I’ve ever worn, from Jet Set 🙂

Buon venerdì a tutti quanti!
Ecco due nuove compagne dei miei ultimi giorni a Milano prima di ricominciare a partire per i miei viaggi di lavoro in Brasile (torno a Rio De Janeiro lunedì), Los Angeles e New York e poi ad agosto le vacanze: la borsa di Celine dei miei sogni ed una delle giacche più divertenti e “eyecatching” mai indossate, di Jet Set 🙂


I was wearing:


Photos by Gregorio Capineri Tosetti

245 Responses to “Jetsetting”

    Questo look mi piace molto. Brava Chiara!


    Reply to Alemars
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    you are my idol. i wish i can be a blogger and make the most of every material thing.

    Reply to emily opida

    if i were you i would not wear the hood because it overwhelms your face and we can’t see half of it……..it’s eye-catching but mesh is ugly

    Reply to Fiercely Chic
  • Lovin’ your hair color. You look amazing.
    You’re always so busy with so many projects that is hard to follow sometimes. Can you talk more about products you use in your hair?!!



    Reply to Patricia Castro

    Preparatevi! Lá settimana prossima sarà lá più fredda degli ultimi dieci anni a SP e RJ!

    Reply to In Brasile
  • You’re right it’s definitely eye catching:) I actually love how bright it is! Love the bag, it’s so classic and cute!


    Reply to Emmzie
  • I don’t really understand the beauty of this jacket, but on you every single thing seems amazing!!

    Reply to Anna
  • I’m in love with your outfit! The black and yellow combination is amazing. xx

    Reply to Rebecca
  • Wow! I really like that jacket! The color, the little holes and the black lines. True, it’s really eye-catching but personally I love eye-catching clothes. After all, we are fashion lovers and proud to be like that, right?

    Dimitri Gee (www.dimitrigee.com)

    Reply to Dimitri Gee

    Come al solito fantastica!
    Le scarpe sembrano quelle che hai disegnato per mango l’anno scorso!

    Reply to Gioggia

    va bene che a te sta bene tutto….ma questo outfit fa schifo!!…

    Reply to ilaria

    Your older posts were better, you were more natural, now you always just posing :/ i prefer the old blondesalad. Sorry, it true!

    Reply to Dori

    ad agosto le vacanze.. perchè di solito ti spacchi la schiena a lavorare eh.. eddai!

    Reply to Francesca
  • Great neon jacket. You styled it beautifully.

    Have a great weekend.


    Reply to sofia
  • Great neon jacket. You styled it beautifully.

    Have a great weekend.


    Reply to sofia

    Where did you buy your little round bracelet you’re wearing next to the eye bracelet ? it’s so cute !

    Reply to Paloma
  • You are so beautiful! I love this look on you. Thanks for sharing the pictures!

    Reply to Sallie

    se questo lo chiami lavoro.. sono curiosa di sapere come saranno le tue vacanze!!

    Reply to bobba

    chiara da.. è orribile quella giacca!!!

    Reply to lalla
  • Sencillamente preciosa no puedo decir mas, me encanta.


    Reply to Sara
  • in love with your jacket!sooo beautiful!kisses


    Reply to Laura

    The only thing I like is the bag. Everything else seems contrived and too too much. The “arm candy” is a mess … the mixture of delicate jewellery pieces with chunky pieces just does not work in my humble opinion.

    Reply to Amanda Maloney

    ad agosto le vacanze???????????ma ti rendi conto di quello che dici?

    Reply to alessandra

    Wow, that jacket is incredible! So bright, love it x

    Reply to Jen
  • Estas guapa hasta con esa chaqueta en color super fluor.


    Reply to nuria

    I love it girl!!!
    You’re the best!!!

    Reply to pau!!
  • You can wear whatever and still look gorgeous!


    Reply to Ronja

    Adoro questo outfit (soprattutto la giacca)!
    Mi piacerebbe tantissimo fare tutti i viaggi che fai tu.. Che bello! In più visiti location da sogno 😉

    BUON VENERDI CHIARA, un bacio.

    Reply to Beatrice
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