Recap of my Parisian looks, starting with this Kenzo total look worn last Sunday..

Recap dei miei look Parigini, cominciando con questo total look di Kenzo indossato la scorsa domenica..


I was wearing:


Photos by Andrew Arthur

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  • Wow, love this super chic look! It’s structured, which adds a modern feel to it, but the looseness of the clothes gives it a casual effect. Plus, it is also sexy, even though there is only a tiny bit of skin showing. Stunning!
    Melody x

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  • WOW! What a dynamic look, super super cool! And omg to your box bag!! #DROOL… By the way, I just posted a new outfit post featuring my newly bought (second handed) CHANEL TOP with CHANEL LEGO CLUTCH and flared CELINE trousers. Quite indeed a provocative outfit, then again, my blog is called The Provoker for a reason. #CheckItOut

    xx The Provoker

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  • What an interesting outfit! One can never go wrong with black and white and I love that this look has more white than black! And those sunnies… they are gorgeous!

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    you always look amazing in shoots. Even if you wear a tent, you will be just amazing 🙂

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  • I love that clean white look with a touch of black strips. It is a great piece for transitioning from Winter to Spring but yet very old Hollywood and classy! I love the white coat…you look great in the outfit and OMG your tummy is so flat!!!

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    Interessante Schwarz-Weiss-Interpretation!

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    Just amazing! Came across your blog a couple of months ago, and I get so much inspiration from here and your Instagram! One of the best fashion blogs, no doubt! 😀

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    Until some times ago there was at least some low cost item which, to my opinion, made your blog more popular. Now it’s all high fashion, just off the runway items all sooo unreachable.
    Just hope young girls don’t aspire only clothes, shoes and jewellery…

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    everything beautiful expect as u know …

    except theses ones everything perfect …

    feel sorry about it, got news from the great gig that was a Ferrari driver ?
    can’ t remember his name, some kind a dirty stuff like ….

    u got it, tell him to find a good one that goes with frankly this perfect suit …

    and glad you find who’ s one’s fault …

    kiss on your, … who cares ?

    there some heavy and serious theme …

    there guilty ones …

    freezee chiarra drops theses …

    and stop it i plea guilty being hands in tha pockets …

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  • That’s an amazing look to wear for fashion week. Love the whole white outfit with the black details. xx

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    i love the black and white combination in this sophisticated look! Especially the placement of the black on the pants seems random and effortless which I love in a amazing look!

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    Woman you are amazing ! True inspiration in everyway !

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