And, as a tradition after every trip, the video of my week in Seoul, South Korea: I tried to do my best with the Gangnam Style dane, but I’m so bad at dancing 🙂 Enjoy!

E, come ormai è tradizione dopo ogni viaggio, il video della mia settimana a Seoul, Korea del Sud: ho provato a fare del mio meglio per il balletto Gangnam Style, ma sono veramente imbranata 🙂 Enjoy!

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  • Hi there, after reading this remarkable paragraph i am too happy to share my familiarity here with mates.

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    Psy likened the Gangnam District to Beverly Hills, California, and said in an interview that he intended in a twisted sense of humour by claiming himself to be “Gangnam Style” when everything about the song, dance, looks, and the music video is far from being such a high class.:;

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    this is soooo your best and most fun video BYFAR:)xx

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    Just love it. You made me laugh with your gangnam style dance, so cute 😉

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    Great video, it may have been so much fun!!

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  • […] I had never seen before) screamed “imbranata” to me, which means goofy in italian 11. You saw my attempts on Gangnam Style with not such great results 12. This only means one thing: when I feel very cool listening to one […]

    Fantastica!!! adoro tutti i tuoi outfit ed i tuoi viaggi.. sei davvero fortunata! Continua cosi!

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    You seem like a kind of cold, arrogant person to me, until I saw this video of you where you look so human. You’re the cutest girl ever!
    But you really suck at the Gangnam style dance 😀

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    Sooooooo cute!
    Sei bellissima e simpaticissima!
    I love you(^з^)-☆

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    divertente! Come mai nelle foto mi sei antipaticissima e nei video simpaticissima??? Forse perché le tue foto sono spesso finte, fate apposta per fare vedere la chanel di turno o esporre qualche altra cosa.. mentre i video sono naturali e più divertenti.Non tirartela che non va più di moda 🙂 sono solo oggetti alla fine.. sii più spontanea anche in foto che tanto si vede la differenza.. kiss!

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    chiara grandeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!in bocca al lupo per tutto!!!!! 🙂

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    weeeell this is HILARIOUS!!!! i couldn’t stop laughing…good job! you’re not just beautiful but also awesomely funny, girl;-)

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    é davvero stupendo questo video!
    Esilarante. Dimostra quanto sei simpatica e piena di spirito, sempre pronta a prenderti in giro 🙂
    davvero brava!

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    Ma è divertentissimooooo! Ah ah ah! Sto ancora ridendo!!! Mi piace, mi piace, mi piace!

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  • OH, my I couldn’t resist not to write a comment! Love all your videos and especially the ones where Is possible to see you so fun 🙂 LoVe to watch all of your videos!!!

    Kisses from Latvian Stylist!

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    This video is the best!!! Sooo great! kisses from Poland, M

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    chiara davvero MOLTO carino il video…l’ho apprezzato….simpatico e divertente…brava!

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    I laughed till I cried!!! Really funny!!! hauhhauahua

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    non ho mai visto una persona più scoordinata… o.O

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    chiara il video più bello di sempre hahha che ridere fantastica,hai ballato tu richi e la crew gangnam style dovunque…questo video ha rivelato un altro aspetto di te bellissimo mi piace continua così

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    Super fun! Your videos rock!!!! xoxo from Argentina

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    I am very impressed with your blog. It’s amazing that in such a short time you became a so famous and important person in the world of fashion. I love your blog and this video is very funny. I want to go to korea someday and travel as much as you. I love your looks and I think I am your number 1 fan. You are my idol.

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    Aaah, I was having a very sad moment cause I’m laving the states tomorrow for a long time… and then I accidentally tripped over your video and you just brightened up everything. Thank you 🙂 You actually made me smile and brought me a little happiness just now 🙂 This is my first time on your blog and I like it! Well, merry christmas. You seem like a very kind and fun person!

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    u are adorable! n girl,u really cant dance haha. but that was fun! two thumbs up!

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  • Loved it! My 4 year old was dancing along with you 🙂

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  • Can’t watch it in Germany *sigh* Thanks to the music regulations here…


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    I just loved the video Chiara ! Looked like a lot of fun ! Haha gros bisous de France 😉

    Reply to Marie

    Cant see it 🙁 im from germany

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    Jajaja, me ha encantado, muy divertido! : )

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    Freaking hilarious!! I’ve never commented on your blog before but this warranted some typing. 여자 가을

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  • Oh no. Can not see this video in Germany this is shit 🙁
    But I think you dance good 😉
    Hihi love P-

    Reply to Patricia

    One of the most funny video diary’s I have seen of you! 🙂

    Reply to Jocelyne

    Ahahahah, ma sei la persona meno coordinata del mondo!!!

    Reply to Lo

    I just wanna see your video, but the video showed that I can’t see it in my land (Germany), so may you can open it for Germany 😀

    Reply to Selina

    You are an entrepreneur and a genius. And so likeable. Richie must work as hard as you do!

    Reply to Sasha

    in 2 minutes you have great styling
    – which created an shoes in this set?

    Reply to Kasia

    LOL!! haha girl even though I hate that song I have to say you make me laugh a lot!

    Reply to Mariana A

    è veramente peccato che in germania non è possibile guardare questo video 🙁

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  • hahha you and riccardo are adorable!!! i laughed so much watching this video. you are so much more gorgeous in “real life”! the video really brings out your smile and you have a great one!
    loved the orange beanie~

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    Bellissimo questo video.. Molto divertente… Brava Chiara…

    Reply to Faby
  • oh just loved it! Might be the best (funniest) video ever! And it shows such a great side of your (I’m sure awesome) personality! Not afraid to show us even if you are not the best dancer but at least such a happy person and your bf can surely dance!!!

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    ahahahah Chiara sei fantastica!

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  • I couldn’t stop laughing Chiara!!! Too funny your dance!!! It seems like you had so much fun in Korea!! I love the Ricci is always with you wherever you go!! so cute!!! Hugs

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    Haha I can’t stop laughing you are amazing!!!

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    Nice video , very funny!!!! 😀 I loved the guy at 2.48!!!!

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    Great video! It’s really funny! Well done Chiara!

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    omg, that video was hilarious I coludnt stop laughing, you and the team are amazing lol
    Belu from Argentina

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    I was so funny, it make me laugh and smile

    Reply to Claudia

    hahahaha!! come ho riso!! fantastico!! e si siete tutti imbranati per ballare ma proprio questo è stato il fashino di questo video!! complimenti chiara con la tua semplicità ci accattivi a tutti!!

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    Such a huuuuuuugh smile on my face after watching your video!!! Zalig!

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    hahhahahaha, bu wideoya bayıldım, çok eğlenceli

    Reply to sedozcan

    So sad… I can’t watch it in my country (legal stuff – music rights etc) 🙁 But I’m sure it’s super funny

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