I’m so glad to share with you some exclusive photos shot in my fav LA spots for the Lifestyle Mirror cover story! Read here the whole article which is being released today!

Sono felicissima di condividere con voi alcune foto esclusive che ho scattato nei miei posti preferiti di LA per la cover story di LifeStyle Mirror! Leggete qui tutto l’articolo che sarà pubblicato oggi!


Photos by Frankie Batista / LifeStyle Mirror

Hollywood™ and design © Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. The Hollywood sign is a trademark and intellectual property of Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. All rights reserved.

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    very nice photo shot by the pool. totally glamorous

    Reply to Qi

    These pictures are absolutely stunning, in love with the blurred one of you putting on your lippy!
    C xx

    Reply to Christina

    Love everything about this post! Vintage and fresh! Four thumbs up if i could!

    Reply to Ena

    Stunning outfits and photos! You are my favorite blogger!

    Reply to Liz
  • Love these pictures, the Hollywood sign is such a classic symbol. Check out my blog it is new and just getting started!

    Reply to Megan


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    Reply to Margareta

    Well, that’s a very interesting photoshoot, and article. To be honest , I found the tone of the article too dithyrambic / was that the word?/ to my taste – I prefer more realistic, critical and even negative writing. The high heels in the third picture are very interesting and original, although the matching dress is not. Your dress in the first picture is really beautiful. And I liked the idea with the lipstick – that has added sexiness. I always squirm when I see that popular sign in the picture above the last. Probably because it alludes somehow to the word “kitsch”, at least that’s what it does to me. But you are dressed matchingly there.

    Reply to valentin antonov

    wow! amazing photos!


    Reply to viktoria

    oh these pictures are really pretty x
    love it hahaha

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  • Your pic with the Hollywood sign in back is everything!

    Reply to charity

    What a beautiful dress you wear in the first pic! Love your style, Chiara! Bye!

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  • Looking gorgeous. Love the old school glamour!


    Reply to Avanti
  • OMG you are becoming such a huge star ! The pics are absolutely amazing, you look like a movie star, and I love the makeup, the hair, and of course the styling !

    Would love to read the article, as I would be interested to see your favourite places in LA


    Reply to Caroline

    I wish you would do more city guides, you always go to the most amazing places and I would love to enjoy them on my travels too!

    Reply to Francesca
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