So happy to be here! For the second look, Chiara was wearing Chanel bag, Saint Laurent shoes, vintage hat, Majorelle Collection crop top, Stefanel pants and Céline sunglasses.

Pics by Timur Emek

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26 Responses to “La parisienne: second look from the Haute Couture”

    Can someone tell me
    Which Celine model those sunglasses are ??

    Reply to Elsy

    I’ve been trying to figure out for weeks which Celine model that sunglass is…
    Does somebody know?

    Reply to Yulia Witarsa

    OMG Chiara I love this look…I love you so much !! [kombucha KKKK]

    Reply to Mariana Wong

    Nice to see that chiara Ferragni has discovere how beautiful a pair of black stockings are! She should wear them more often!

    Reply to Alessia
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