For the Marc Jacobs show, her latest oneΒ of NYFW,Β Chiara wore a Valentino dress, a Louis Vuitton bag and Paula Cademartori shoes. The best accessory?Β The funniest invitation of the whole fashion week! πŸ˜‰

Photos by Laura Venigalla

Hair and makeup by Nikki DeRoest

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70 Responses to “Let’s go to the cinema! 11th look of NYFW”

  • You and New York – what a great combination πŸ™‚
    Love your outfit.

    Reply to Caro

    wow, really colorful and full of life photos. i like the color mix. And the hat is my favourite item from the outfit.

    Reply to MQ
  • That was my favourite fashion show in NY. I saw the photos and videos everyone posted and it’s definitely the best one. Music,clothes,the setting-they really put effort in it.
    Love the outfit,as well.

    Reply to Aluminah
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