Hi guys, it is time to talk seriously and to be close one to each other to fight for a cause which I feel from the deep of my heart.

More than 30 millions have died from AIDS since the epidemic began. Every day around 6,000 young people become infected with HIV.  For women in their reproductive years, HIV/AIDS is the leading cause of death.

I’ve gotten to know different people who are HIV positive and I’ve seen first hand how HIV strongly affects their everyday life. For instance, I’ve understood how important it is to be constantly tested, how it is key to be tracked by a doctor and how friends, family and associations are important to make affected people stronger. A definitive cure is not existing for HIV yet, but a lot has improved in the last years and still a lot need to be done.

amfAR is the Foundation for AIDS Research and I’m so proud to tell you that I commited to be an amfAR generationCURE ambassador, to do all my best to raise awareness about HIV and AIDS.

The first mark of this challenge is March 10th: National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day in United States. For the occasion, I invite you to join me to spread the word: please post the image you see below or any of your related thoughts using the hashtag #NWGHAAD.

My shoe line is also marking this day: for every order placed on March 10th on chiaraferragnicollection.com you will get 10% off on all collections and we will donate the same amount you saved to amfAR.

If you wish, you can also donate on amfAR.com where you can also find more info about HIV and AIDS.

We have the chance to be the last generation that experiences this epidemic, but to make AIDS history we need to work together. Are you with me?


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    Reply to Kamilla

    Such a good cause!

    Reply to melissa

    Wow I had no idea that the number of people getting infected is still so high! Love that you are raisin awareness about this cause!

    Reply to Sasha

    dear Chiara, first of all: thanks for this post. It’s important to raise awareness. But also we Need People like you to go further. I do not have 5%of the Money you have. you wear maybe one Accessoire on one day for a Price i could barely save up in a whole year. So please don’t stop what you do!

    Reply to Tanja
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