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    You have a dead animal on your bag?!

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    Paris is such a beautiful place, and people over there are somehow always dressed to impress. I love this city and I always look forward to going back there. The style features here is to be honest, average. The shirt is looking very shabby and those shoes are just bad. http://www.iamj.es/

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  • love how the light blue color matches the place! also, really unique top, actually unique overall style!

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  • Oorrrhh j’aime pas du tout ce look je trouve ça trop négligé… trop déçu 🙁

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  • Oorrrhh j’aime pas du yout ce look je trouve ça trop négligé… trop déçu 🙁

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  • Such an interesting look and only something that you can pull off, Chiara! But the sneakers are really something that I don’t like, Dior or not.
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    LOVE that top!

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  • your shirt is so cool and creative! Each piece of your outfit is so unique and they are so awesome when paired up together

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  • I love this look! The top is really interesting and the handbag is fun!


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  • Only can create and wear an amazing outfit like this one, it’s pure fashion. The top structure is really original with a mix between a classic soul and a rebel air, it looks totally perfect with these vintage shorts.Those Dior sneakers are weird, it’s true, but they are so cool and funny. The Fendi bag is pure love

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