In one of the most busy days of Paris Fashion Week, here right after the Stella McCartney show, Chiara wore a red passion total look by Delpozo.

Photos courtesy of Timur Emek
Hair & makeup by Nikki Deroest

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35 Responses to “Little Red Riding Hood: 5th look of PFW”

  • no need to be afraid of the big bad wolf when you’re looking this fierce! Adore the all red look, dare I say better than Solange did it (and she looked good) great mix of chic tailoring and quirk xx

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    When I saw photos of this on Instagram, I was blown away! A real showstopper yet not at all costumey. And in motion, it’s sensational. My only disappointment is seeing it from the front, where the curve of the jacket sits too high on Chiara’s waist and makes her appear to be slumping. Otherwise this is her best look by far!

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