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One of the things I love the most about Los Angeles is the weather: in Milan I would never be able to wear a summer dress with no tights and jacket at the beginning of December. This is from the brazilian brand C.Club and I wore it for the first time with some of the jewels from my new line, Caia, during a walk in Griffith Park area.

Uno degli aspetti che più amo di Los Angeles è sicuramente legato al clima: a Milano difficilmente potrei indossare un abitino senza calze e giacca ad inizio Dicembre. Questo è del brand brasiliano C.Club e l’ho sfoggiato per la prima volta insieme ad alcuni dei gioielli della mia linea, Caia, durante una passeggiata verso la zona di Griffith Park.

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Photos by Andrew Arthur

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  • Your boots are my dream! The dress is amazing! Sorry, Chiara, you are big professional without dubt, and i respect you, but the both together in the hot jungl is the best propose, you think?

    Reply to @signorinaclub
  • It’s officialy I’m jealous of everyone that lives in L.A., amazing weather all the time who doesn’t want that? Anyway your dress is stunning, love the golden details and there aren’t enough words to describe how amazing those boots are!!


    Reply to Joana

    Hai torto, oggi è una bella giornata anche a Milano! 😛

    Reply to Stefano
  • You inspire me. Those darn boots! So cute. All your outfits are cute. It makes me want to go through my closet and just throw everything out because nothing is comparable.

    Reply to Christina

    The dress is sensational! Maybe a bit too cocktail/clubbing withat plunging cleavage for a “walk in the park” but it fits like a glove and looks gorgeous on you. I take issue with the boots. I have no problem pairing boots with this dress to make it less summery, but just not these boots. I love these boots, but they have such heavy silver detailing which just clashes with the pretty gold trim on the dress. Maybe an over-the-knee chocolate suede boot with a heel?

    Reply to Anon
  • Your shoes intrigue me! I love them! 🙂 xx



    Reply to mitzee

    Such an elegant look x


    Reply to Charlotte

    Bellissimo look! come sempre..
    Ma non c’è una foto in cui si possa vedere l’abito di dietro?

    Reply to federica
  • What a beautiful dress. Love the design on the front.



    Reply to Sofia

    in Poland ( Europe) I have to wear coat and warm shoes 🙂 wish to be in LA :*
    visit my blog

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    Bellissimo il look e molto dolce l’espressione in queste foto… Si vede che LA ti fa bene!!!

    Reply to Elisabetta
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