Some days ago in Los Angeles, in Los Feliz area, wearing Maison About maxi top/dress and Sal Y Limon set bangle. More than ready for summer I’d say!

Qualche giorno fa a Los Angeles, nel quartiere di Los Feliz, indossando il maxi top/vestito di Maison About ed il set di bangle di Sal Y Limon.
Più che pronta per l’estate direi!


I was wearing:


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    Bellissimi i ray ban, amo il rosso di questa edizione, penso proprio che me li regalerò!

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  • L O V E your raybans lady! Keep seeing these and it might be time that I purchase a pair for myself!

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  • Love the blue & white! Such a refreshing summer-y color pairing. Also totally obsessed with this tank dress! It’s the perfect mix of casualy-oversized and sexy.

    Love from Los Angeles,

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    I love these sunglasses can’t believe they are ray bans


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    i just wanted to propose to you since you have tbs crew that somebody answers the questions on your blog that are related to your clothes (of course) like wich designer is that dress from, where did you buy your bracelet or earings. i know a lot of people would be grateful if somebody answers because you have some of most amazing accessories. i know you don’t have the time since you are always on the road, working and stuff but i bet somebody can do that.

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    Sinceramente non trovo nulla di originale, interessante o creativo in questo outfit.
    Spero che quel top ti sia stato regalato perchè trovo sia un’assurdità spendere 85 euro per qualcosa di tanto banale.
    Inoltre credo sia inutile presentarlo come un dress dato che è palese che è semplicemente una canotta, come scritto sul sito.

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    While your smile is lovely and glowy, your new trend of wearing tops as dresses baffles me. This looks like a beach cover-up that needs to be worn with a bandeau bra top or a bikini underneath. Wearing a top with heels doesn’t suddenly make it a dress!

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    Love this



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  • Cute! Love the bangles and shades.


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    Secondo me non ti donano proprio queste maxi t-shirt pseudo sportive, soprattutto con i tacchi

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    you look stunning as always!
    I love this post because you are smiling more often. you have a really beautiful smile and I think its a bitty that you always look so “cool” in your pics and dont smile so often…
    kisses Gio

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    Beautiful! I love the heels, they are such cute ones!

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    Where is fashion in a sleeping-t-shirt with high heels? So sorry, I expect best looks on you.

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    i think chiara just wanted to have an american BF because she loves USA, i’m sure thats the only reason she dumped the handsome ricchi!

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  • You gave me an idea! Shoes are perfect for when I’m the bride!

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    cioè questo è un maxi vestito? ma per favore!

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  • Amazing outfit

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    My fashion blog:www.lacouleurdumoment.com
    My fashion blog:www.lacouleurdumoment.com

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  • totally agree with you, it`s the perfect outfit for summer <3
    you look fantastic!

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    Chiara… Where is all the fashion?? Now days your outfits are just so boring. This top is not cool,beautiful or…, it’s like top you are wearing when you sleep.
    Now days I dont get the point of your outfis, maybe you are too high-fash to me.
    And really, it’s a TOP not a dress!! And you need bra under it.

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