Save the date! Today, at 10am (italian time), you will be able to watch the Louis Vuitton’s fashion show here in live streaming. Enjoy it sweeties 😉

Save the date! Oggi, alle 10.00 ora italiana, potrete vedere lo show di Louis Vuitton qui in live streaming. Enjoy it sweeties 😉

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    n.5 Louis Vuitton fashion show – live streaming

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    anyone know the song used at louis vuitton show

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    e’ meravigliosa la sfilata, c’è pure kate mosss e cara *_*

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    mi ricorda la moda ai tempi della guerra, mi mette una tristezza! tranne i cappotti favolosi

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  • Great post and video.

    If you get a sec, check out my latest post ‘Cool and Casual’.


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    Tutto perfetto, ma quelle pellicce … nel 2013, con la consapevolezza che abbiamo oggi che grondano sangue, e addirittura le borse … La vanità umana non ha limiti né decenza.

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    I enjoyed the clothes, but the presentation was impeccable!

    xoxo, Em

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    Hello Chiara!

    I have read your instagram .You’re VIP now??
    You write that you want to be a beautifull girl, with style, sense of high fashion
    When you need new readers: You need VIP readers!
    You have lost your individuality and after such words you lose all of your old readers!
    Those who were with you the beginning when you were no VIP person!
    It is unattractive for ordinary people to read about HIGHT MODE!
    You are not Kate Moss or someone else of supermodels!
    You are blogger?? I really hope that you understand what mean blogger??
    If we say that you can not fashion history or styles how can you be VIP??
    Horrible! Sure you do not want to hear what your readers want!
    They want to read about your feelings about your love for your dreams of your friends about your normal life without Hight fashion!
    You are mean! Stupid!
    I dont want know where sold this expensive Burberry Trench!
    I have not been able to buy such an expensive thing!
    And you’re not amazing that writes your new stupid readers!
    Wishing for you to get a lot of money that you dream and become the real VIP

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  • So poetique ! Thank you Chiara for sharring this amazing experience with us !

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  • I looooved the show and Kate above all! But the collection…

    All shoes were grey! Beautiful sandals! Then nice sparkling low ends of coats and dresses and that’s it.
    I can only see the fur fluffy bags going around too. It was a bit like England of the early 50s. Conservative and boring.

    Was it just me or…?

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    I think Marc Jacobs has been watching a lot of Downton Abbey interspersed with classic Hitchcock film noir. Love the wealthy ladies awakened in the middle of the night and forced to leave their rooms with a gorgeous coat (loved the sequin-dipped hems) thrown over their negligees. And the divine Kate Moss! Showing girls half her age how to own a runway! Bravo!

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    what a great collection! love the sequined coats!
    first pictures of the show on: – switzerland’s finest fashion and lifestyle blog
    check it out!

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    How amazing was the show?? and that dress on Kate Moss!! just gorgeous everything and as always well done to Marc the creative genius!

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    can’t wait for the amazing big show.. will definitely be THE event of the paris fashion week! – switzerland’s finest fashion and lifestyle blog
    latest post about my top favorites of louis vuitton so fas.. check it out! what are your top lv picks?

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