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After Milan and Paris photos here I am in my happy place: California.
I’m here for only eight days total before leaving again for Brazil (I’m soon back in Sao Paulo) and I’m literally trying to live the best of these sunny and almost summer days. How? With a two days roadtrip on the pacific coast to Big Sur, why not? On the road (basically in the only hour I was driving) I found by chance the iconic Madonna Inn sign: It deserved a visit.
P.S: Tell me I’m not the only one roadtrippin’ in a lace romper and Dr.Martens #differentkindaroadtrip

Dopo le mie foto di Milano e Parigi eccomi nel mio “happy place”: la California.
Sono qui per soli otto giorni prima di ripartire per il Brasile per lavoro (presto ritorno a San Paolo) e sto letteralmente cercando di vivermi queste splendide giornate di sole dal sapore estivo al meglio. Come? Con un roadtrip di due giorni guidando sulla costa pacifica fino a Big Sur, perchè no? Sulla strada, (praticamente nell’unica ora in cui ero io al volante) ho visto per caso l’iconico cartello del Madonna Inn: meritava una visita.
P.S: Ditemi che non sono l’unica a viaggiare in macchina in tutina di pizzo e Dr.Martens #differentkindaroadtrip

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I was wearing:


Photos by Andrew Arthur

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    You should have gone inside–the rooms are amazing, especially the rock rooms.

    Reply to Leslie
  • […] per il seno”, ma lei può perché 1) ha stile 2) è bella 3) avrà una prima. Idem per Chiara Ferragni, che visto il suo petto ben poco florido ogni tanto si mette abitini o maglie in libertà, lo […]

    Ahhh, San Luis Obispo! Just up the coast from me! I’m in Santa Barbara. The drive along the 1 from SLO is one of my favorites too.

    Reply to Phyllisa

    Mi piace vedere la differenza tra i commenti sul blog e quelli di facebook che evidentemente non riesci (tu o chi per te) a controllare

    Reply to

    In the first picture you look like elizabeth taylor when she was very young.

    Reply to Ann

    Dear chiara ferragni,
    I wondering where I can buy the fendi bag, the one you own. I m trying to looking around in Canada, but they only have the latest jour.

    Reply to Susan

    Beautiful romper, but sandals and a bra would be better!

    Reply to Gigi
  • Omg I’m so in Love with your gorgeous jumpsuit! Perfect for you!

    Follow my Fitness Blog!

    Reply to Loryru
  • I love the romper! It must make for a very comfy and stylish road trip!


    Reply to Felicia
  • I loved your chanel clutch from the first time I saw it!!I loved your instagram photos too!!I’m sure you had a great time in California!!

    Reply to George A.
  • This look really captures the essence of Cali… it’s easy, breezy, beautiful (haha!), but also somewhat casual! The lace material is feminine and sexy, and the small, delicate necklaces accentuate the deep v neckline. The quilted patter on the bag gives a more sophisticated vibe, and is super classy! Glamorous!
    Melody x

    Reply to Melody

    Ciao Chiara molto carine le foto. Certo che le tue Dr. Martens devono essere proprio d’epoca per come sono attualmente. Beata te che viaggi per quasi tutta la California. Buona serata, Alice.

    Reply to Alice

    penso che tu sia l unica, e che sarebbe meglio che indossassi il reggiseno!

    Reply to effe-ora
  • Love the romper on you. Love that it has long sleeves so that you don’t need a sweater for chilly nights.

    Hope you have a wonderful day.


    Reply to Sofia
  • Amazin Blog really nice pics with a flawless beauty

    Lots of Love

    Naomi from YouTailor-Team

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  • Nope, your definitely not the only person who go on a roadtrip wearing a romper lace, Dr. Martens boots and especially with an orange Hermes cuff :)) I love your look, romper and DM boots are my go-to pieces for a long travel.


    Reply to Alyssa

    Sorry, but this looks like an outfit for the bedroom, not a road trip. Love the accessories though–Hermes, Chanel, Dior!

    Reply to Anon

    Fun road trip, hope you saw the rooms. I miss the ‘blonde” in the Blonde Salad.

    Reply to Lynda
  • Love how you paired the outfit with the booties and bag, white and black look! fantastic

    Reply to Enni

    Love the contrast between the romantic jumpsuit and the doc’s 🙂

    Reply to N.
  • while you keep traveling, I’m sitting in classroom :p


    Reply to Sophie
  • I love that outfit! it is sexy with the lace but also so laid-back with the biker boots. great combination!! xoxo Vanessa

    Reply to Vanessa

    Sorry, but I do not like this combination at all. I rather love the way your hair is playing with the wind.

    Reply to Iden
  • beautiful outfit, love the way you match the lace jumper with the docmart


    Reply to Fanny
    I noticed your earring, Andy Torres has the same one but her’s is pink 🙂

    Reply to Eliza
  • Love these pictures Chiara! i think andrew always makes the best shoot of you! I’m more the lace and converse kind of traveller, but may i should start thinking about docs! xx

    Reply to Nora
  • … but why didn’t you go in? It’s the most gorgeous hotel there is! I so so so so want to shoot in every room there!

    xo Sabrina

    Reply to Sabrina
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