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    Browns and denims have always been a color associated with safaris. I really love the effortless way in which you have done your hair. Not a big fan of the python print bag, I could live without that one. http://www.iamj.es/

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  • I adore the slight heal with the shorts. I feel that it dresses it up a bit. I had a quick question pertaining your thoughts on tennis shoes with more chic/dressy outfits. I was wanting to give it a try but I was wondering if you had any suggestions or would possibly do a post! Thanks, Your Blog is an inspiration. You’re a one of a kind.

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  • This is a really interesting look. i like how the colors match the outdoors. I wouldn’t have thought to wear those types of shoes either. Great job with the styling on this.

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  • I hope you read this..! Your outfits are just always on the point and in this one I loooove the leather shorts!
    You are such an inspiring person, I hope you continue doing your thing:) Love, Carmen

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    I totally heart those Valentino shoes!! Also I think the whole look is on point, something I would wear in a heartbeat. Cool, casual and timeless.
    Ana x


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  • Such an exquisite outfit!!! I love how you combined the denim and suede. Oh, and your Valentino shoes are absolutely alluring and beautiful x

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  • I really love white T-shirts, definitely an essential in anyone’s wardrobe!

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  • I can’t be more in love with the soul of this amazing outfit. These suede shorts are really beautiful and the 70s inspiration is totally cool, they look so great with the basic top and the retro style of the denim jacket. These Valentino Tango flats are pure love, they are a little piece of art and the contrast of this classic style and the wonderful print of the Chloe Drew bag is unique. Fantastic photos

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