Everything in Los Angeles is highly scenographic: while I’m driving I always think about movie scenes when I look at a special wall, store or square.
I drive almost everyday on Sunset Blvd but I happened to stop eating at Mel’s Diner, famous from the 70s tv series “Alice”, only once before.
Could I choose another location (and avoid eating some of the best burgers, fries and milkshakes during the photoshoot?). Of course not: here is my second editorial for Styligion, one of my favourite estores for upcoming designers.
For both the skirt and leather tshirt It was love at first sight: Imagine for them worn together… Here is my second look for Styligion.

Tutto a Los Angeles è altamente scenografico: mentre sto guidando il mio sguardo si posa su un muro, un negozio, una piazza, e subito mi viene in mente una scena di un film o telefilm.
Guido praticamente tutti i giorni sulla Sunset e solo una volta mi era capitato di fermarmi da Mel’s Diner, tavola calda resa famosa dal telefilm degli anni ’70 “Alice”, ambientato proprio nel primo di questi ristoranti a Phoenix, in Arizona.
Potevo forse scegliere un’altra location (e non abbuffarmi di hamburger, patatine e milkshake e durante il photoshoot?). Naturalmente no: ecco il mio secondo editorial per Styligion, uno dei miei ecommerce preferiti in cui trovo tutti i best upcoming designer.
Sia per la gonna che per la tshirt in pelle è stato amore a prima vista: immaginate insieme.. Ecco il mio secondo look per Styligion.

_MG_1329 copia
_MG_1144 copia
_MG_1315 copia
_MG_1414 copia
Fotor111110352 copia
_MG_1135 copia
_MG_1398 copia
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I was wearing:


Photos by Gregorio Capineri Tosetti

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213 Responses to “Mel’s Diner with Styligion”

    Paninazzi, patate impregnate di olio, dolci giganti.. E QUANNO TE JI MAGNI?!?

    Reply to WhiteC
  • Hey Chiara!

    I´ve been following your blog for a long time and love it, your style and taste of fashion.
    It´s highly inspirational.
    I´m a friend of Linda, the owner of styligion. I really like your collaboration with her.
    I´m new into bloggin and I would appreciate if you could check out my blog and give me some feedback!


    Much love

    Follow my marks<3

    Reply to Isabelle

    fantastic!!!!!! vediamo se così pubblicate il mio commento!!!

    Reply to valeria
  • looks yummy! i love that you can turn anywhere into a photoshoot!

    Reply to alice

    Ciao Chiara! Belli gli scatti, adoro i tuoi occhiali, li trovo molto particolari. Bel pranzo

    Reply to Alice

    ma seriamente hai mangiato quella roba??? nuuuooooo!!! 😛

    Reply to carlotta

    Carinissima come sempre ma gli orecchini sonno davvero terribili!!!

    Reply to Niky

    Fantastic look!!!!!!! Did you eat all that by yourself????? 😀

    Reply to Nefeli

    I commenti di questo blog sono scandalosi. Pieni zeppi di link a siti mediocri di pseudo fashion blogger affamate di followers. Ce ne fosse uno decente. E soprattutto ci fossero commenti interessanti ..tutti dicono solo ” stupendo …seguitemi su xxx…fantastiche foto seguitemi su xxx “..BASTA. Io non commenterò nè leggerò più i commenti. Meglio il profilo instagram di Chiara che il blog ormai…

    Reply to Laura

    deliciuous! :*
    visit my blog

    Reply to Zosia
  • Beautiful outfit. Love the skort and multi colors. I hope you got lunch for free … what an advertisement. 😛

    Hope you had a great long weekend.



    Reply to Sofia

    That’s a great location for a photo shoot. I love the top, not so sure of the skirt–it seems to bunch up a bit, the asymmetry makes it almost obscenely short (especially when you sit down), and that odd tan panel looks like Spanx. Once more, I prefer the casual, more natural shots rather than the ” hair covering one eye,” “look how seductively I can nibble this burger” poses (Check out the ads for Carl Jr. On YouTube to see how it’s done)
    -especially when it’s so obvious that you’re not actually eating or drinking! Commit to the action rather than “act” and your photos will get even better.

    Reply to Anon


    Reply to Laura
  • Nice photos!I want to eat the ice cream 🙂 the burger looks also yummy!

    Reply to CYNTHIA
  • Che non ci crede nessuno che hai mangiato quelle cose lo sai vero?!?!

    Reply to Luana
  • Looks like a fun shoot. Love the outfit and diner location! 🙂


    Reply to Phuong P

    Lately on this blog, it seems to me that burgers and funny faces are more relevant than outfits…maybe, is it an attempt to crash those critics who claim that she has no expressions and no feed at all?!

    Ultimamente su questo blog hamburger e facce buffe sono più copiosi degli outfit… mi chiedo: sarà un tentativo per sedare le continue critiche su espressività e nutrizione pressoché assenti?!

    Reply to ElenaT

    I remember “Alice”!
    Love your look, skirt is to die for.
    Styligion is a very great brand, i want to know more about it!




    Reply to Dania

    As always beauty in all details.
    Extremely cool and extremely rock !



    Reply to Chrissie
  • I love your haircolour <3 my natural looks similar and I hope the blonde part grows out very quickly 😉 The pics are great and the location as well!

    Reply to FrolleinJulia
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