Milan yesterday, Paris today, but the secret for our choice of top accessory for an unforgettable outfit stays the same: it’s hair! Thanks to Pantene‘s haircare regime and Meghan’s styling, Milan was another great occasion to show off incredible hair looks.

Here’s the breakdown of Chiara’s 3 favorite looks at MFW, with Meghan’s tips on how to achieve every style. Browse the gallery to see more about each look and discover which products they used to get it!

Messy Bun to the Versace show. Chiara’s outfit options both included a thick-knit chunky sweater so in order to keep the look fresh, we went for an up-do. We created a messy bun to appear that she did it herself. Her shoes had silver and gold glitter stars so we clipped her baby hair up with a crescent moon shaped pin. Functional and fashionable!

Half Up Buns for Fendi. It’s one of Meghan’s favorite makeup and hair looks to design for Chiara. Her wardrobe for this look is usually cute and colorful so we played with this idea and created half buns. Section the top part of the hair from one corner of the ear to the other. Divide that section into two down the center. Using a light oil or pomade, smooth all of the stray hair from the root to the end. Twist the hair and coil the hair around itself until you reach the end. Pin in place.

Braided half-updo after the Fendi show. With off-the-shoulder pieces like this one, the look we went for makes everything come together nicely while still looking chic. Want to achieve this hairstyle? Take a half inch wide section down the center of the hair, braid, and separate from the rest. Pull hair into a half updo starting one inch above the ear. Use and elastic to tie this part under the braid. Wrap the braid around the section to hide the elastic. Pin in place.

Chiara’s take on the looks. Looking back on the pics, I can really see I am developing quite the obsession with buns and I love it! My favorite this time has to be the messy bun, the moon pin made it extra special. It’s #magicbaby!

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