Milan fashionweek day 5: here is my camouflage look 🙂

Quinto giorno di fashionweek milanese: ecco il mio look camouflage 🙂


Photos by Stockholmstreetstyle, Zhanna Romashka, Vogue.com and Riccardo Pozzoli

I was wearing:

MSGM CAMOUFLAGE FUR (pre-fall 2013 collection)

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  • Hi. I don’t know if you read all of these comments, maybe i should email you. I just need to know which brand and number is your lipstick. I’m looking for a such colour for a long while and nothing seemed so perfect to me.

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    Ma che orrore sono ste sopraciglia???

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    I don’t like the way you look so overdressed and fake, pretending to be somebody else during all that fashionweeks. Your everyday casual style is good enouhg, why you look so diferent?

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        I totally agree, and gosh those brows! come on! she’s pretty, doesn’t need to be excessive .

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  • Sei stupenda,l’unica cosa che non mi piace sn le sopracciglia,troppo scure,preferisco le tue al naturale. Per il resto una favola 😉

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    secondo me non stavi molto simpatica al truccatore………..

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  • What a nice army coat!!

    have a great weekend!


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  • That’s a really cool camo fur jacket! 1st I’ve seen so far and you paired everything up so well =)

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    ciao Chiara sei fantastica:)

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    Like your hairstyle and the simple styling of this outfit. Wish the coat was faux (3 furs in one week?) And sorry, but I think the fad of just draping your coat over your shoulders in the wintertime is just silly.

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    Chiara, i wanted to post a comment in your blog for a while, but i always thought that you may not see that and of course, i don’t blame you for that. I just wanted to tell you that you inspire me to keep moving to the best and to hope and trying even in the darkest days, even if my goals are complitelly different than yours as a different person, the main subject is the same!I also wanted to tell you that you reminding me how a real sucsessfull relationship is like( and i mean the support that seems you are giving each other), if i undertood well from your blog. Suddly the last months you look like you are not enjoying all the things you are doing with the same passion that you did earlier..i understand that you are always in a rush and that it isn’t the most easy thing in the world, but think that you are living every day something different, and you have seen and done magnificent things!Also i believe that you should spending more time to write at your posts, cause you have always nice and clever things to say! I just want to see you more joinfull and confident as i have used to!! 😉
    I hope some day you will read this because i told you those things like i would told them to a friend of mine, of course with my point of view.Maybe i am complitelly wrong! 🙂
    Thank you for your attention and sorry for my english!

    P.S.today’s look is in rock mood!good choise 😉
    xoxo from Greece <3

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        I agree with u hun… This is less enjoyable as it used to be… And now Chiara I feel like u only wear what u’ve been offered so this is less personal and I don’t like that. You were better dressed one year ago.

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            And besides u don’t reply to anyone anymore, u don’t ever retweet us on twitter, only celebrities or fashion houses !!! I feel like you’re looking down on us now 🙁

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  • adoro la tua pelliccia camouflage, bella ed originale. Stai benissimo!

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  • You purple lipstick is amazing. Looks perfect on you !

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  • Love it but I don’t know why I see strange your eyebrows!You look better with other type of makeup!

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    I spent some time in a model agency, and never could explain what makes a girl a good model. You are so much prettier than many models, but not all make up works on you, this one doesn’t and the blue one the other day neither. Some girls are not “pretty” in a classical way, but their faces are more versatile and allows more creativity. Yours is nicer with traditional make up that doesn’t change your skin colour, enhences your colours instead of creating an effect. This ages you, takes away of your skins glow, it just doesn’t work. Again, sorry for my negative comment, I just wish you didn’t get lost in effects that hides your beauty!

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    hei chiara 🙂 u look like the models on the catwalk with the leopard print jackets in the Burberry Prorsum Womenswear Autumn/Winter 2013 défilée one week ago :*

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    a me le sopracciglia piacciono, il contrasto non è molto evidente, ciò che proprio non mi piace è il colore del rossetto!

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    Vorrei porre la vostra attenzione sulla bprsa che enssuno ha commentato, fantastica, super trendy 2Jours!!!!

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    Ciao Chiara,

    l’outifit è molto bello e hai saputo giocare con i vari accessori.. ma il makeup non mi piace proprio!! le sopracciglia sono troppo scure e stonano con il tono della tua pelle:-(
    Ma il mio è solo un parere!

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    Very cool, glamourous and chic, as ever!

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  • uh, the boots are ugly! Rest I really like. One of the best outfits I saw on you!

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    Too heavy on u, doesn’t look good on ur skin tone :/

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    omg! you look terrible. the worst look ever. Please don’t do that anymore.

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    Ma cos hai fatto alle sopracciglia?

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    I’m kinda getting sick of your hair being always on one side.. And I don’t like the way they do your eyebrows. It looks very unnatural.
    But I love your coat!! It looks very good with the boots!
    And are you missing one earring?

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    Hi Chiara!! this one much better than the one you posted yesterday!!!
    boots: <3 amazing!!
    bag: <3 <3 <3 what to say about "miss perfect"??
    dress: <3 <3
    coat: well… i don't like it a lot… but it looks good on you!
    make up: perfect except for the lip colour… i think it doesn't go well with you!
    hair: <3
    earrings: don't like them!! don't understand why they are trying to gave you a rock style that don't match you!

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    Uno degli outfit che più preferisco! Brava chiara! 🙂

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    il cappotto e’ splendido! bella l’idea di camuffare la forma del tuo orecchio mettendo tanti orecchini!!

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    questo trucco secondo me non ti dona affatto, sempre tu sia troppo cadaverica e ti fa i dentoni tipo coniglio!!! 😀
    l’acconciatura mi piace!

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    bellissima!!!!! bacione

    Sono Ilaria Semeraro, ho 26 anni e ho una grande passione per la moda. Ho esperienza nel campo da oltre 6 anni. Da commessa ad impiegata ufficio stile, blogger e articolista.

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