Hi sweeties! Here I am with the new fantastic Monnier Freres wishlist ready for the sales of this season…This is my personal selection! Are you ready for it?
PS. With this code TBS100WW you will be able to buy a bag with a discount of € 100,00, just for the bags with a value higher than 300 euro and untile the 9th of June and not together with other promotions 😉

Giorno dolcezze! Eccomi qui prontissima con la nuova e fantastica wishlist di Monnier Freres perfetta per i saldi di questa stagione… Questa è la mia personalissima selezione! Pronte?
PS. Inserendo questo codice TBS100IT avrete diritto a 100 euro di sconto sull’acquisto di una borsa con valore superiore a 300 euro. E’ valido fino al 9 giugno e non è cumulabile con le altre promozioni in corso. 😉
















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141 Responses to “Monnier Freres: My best sales wishlist”

    The Phillip Lim bag is a MUST! It’s beautiful and just in time for the summer months! Loving the mirrored shades, by the way.

    Best, to you dear!

    Reply to ChicTrends

    I sometimes miss the old you. When you had clothes and accesorizes, that people could actually buy (for example from zara, mango, topshop, sometimes even something from h&m) and you had that lovely makeup, that was not made from make up artists, but by you. I don’t know… I could just more relate to you then. Now it is all about you being “perfect”: perfect make up, perfect hair, luxurious clothes, bags, jellwery,… i don’t know. your blog is not so much about YOUR style, but all about the stuff, that fashion desighers want to promote trough your blog… I can’t remember the last time you did a blog about just hanging in town, talking to your friends in simple outfit, that doesn’t cost like… i don’t know… 1500+ euros.

    Reply to Barbaraa
  • Is it possible that the code only works in Italia?! I tried it on a gorgeous Marc by Marc Jacobs bag on the german site of Monnier Frères and it didn’t work 🙁

    Reply to Krissy

    All the bags you picked out are amazing. And what a great deal with that coupon!

    Reply to Sam

    Hi girls,
    Is it just me or the code TBS100WW doesn’t work?! When I put it in the box it says “the code doesn’t exist” !!

    Ragazze, solo sono io o questo codice non va?


    Reply to Marina

    even tough i’m still your fan, I think you lost a bit of the essence and humility that were your trademarks in the beggining. Nowadays, it seems that the ”blog scene” got your ego ridiculously inflated and it seems that you’re full of yourself. I know it’s not my business but maybe that’s why your relationship came to an end, because you’re not the person that you used to be in the beggining of the blog. I miss the simple girl and humble girl you were, always nice and attentive to your readers, You just became one more of the predictable and impersonal bloggers who lost its creativity and just wears what the brands throw at you.

    Reply to Micaela

    Hello my dear!
    Very nice post!
    I love the bags!
    Have a nice nigjt!

    Reply to Helena

    non ci sono parole per descrivere queste meraviglie!

    Reply to Natascia

    The code doesnt work? it says the code doesn`t exist.

    Reply to Sui

    Hate to see how you changed, especially the fact that you started smoking.. It breaks my heart

    Reply to Sara
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