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Do you remember the Blogger&the city project with Pennyblack? Surprises aren’t over yet: click here and find out who’s the blogger who’s more similar to you 😀
And something else is waiting for you… I’ll reveal it soon!

Vi ricordate il progetto Blogger&the city realizzato insieme a Pennyblack? Le sorprese non sono finite: cliccate qui per scoprire qual è la blogger che vi somiglia di più 😀
E c’è anche qualcos altro in serbo per voi… Ve ne parlerò presto!

55 Responses to “Moodblog quiz by Pennyblack”

  • ho fatto il test.. la risposta è: FASHION SQUAD, mi piacciono gli abiti vintage e il mio stile è minimal con un tocco seventy..

    azzeccato <3

    Reply to malvi.pucca
  • My result is : The Blonde Salad 🙂

    Love the illustration 🙂

    Reply to Migl?

    My Style?
    A mix of bohemien and glam:
    i love to experience
    and to always change!

    i loved, and love your blog and style! 🙂

    Reply to Melina from Brazil
  • I got The Blonde Salad as result 🙂
    So I guess YOU are the blogger that I'm the most alike with! That's something nice know know, since you're gorgeous and you seem like a nice person.

    Greetings from Belgium/Lithuania! <3

    Reply to Emilija

    hi chiara!! ive seen your shoes in the german cosmopolitan between gucci and prada! WELL done!! and your shoes are the biggest and in the middle 🙂

    Reply to Anonymous
  • I got YOU ! on the moodblog quiz hahaha ! no wonder i loooove your blog and your style <3

    Reply to Sofía

    Sono The blonde Salad 🙂 ma era ovvio ;)!!! Che bella cosa :)!!!!

    Reply to Francy :)

    Chiara, io sono alta 178 cm, ho i capelli lunghi come i tuoi e biondi e diciamo che ho una grande passione per la moda..quando vado a Milano, c'è sempre qualcuno che m scambia per te! è un grandissimo onore 🙂

    Reply to Anonymous

    i did the test and i look the most like you 🙂
    love the sketchh .x

    Reply to Lotte
  • just took it though i didn't really have that much options in choosing because they were quite similar styles in choosing shoes, bags and dresses
    i love extraordinary detailed ones 🙂

    Reply to Michelle Lee
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