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I was wearing:


Photos by Andrew Arthur

151 Responses to “Morocco crochet”

  • Beautiful dress and one of my favourite hotels in the world; isn’t La Mamounia simply just stunning! xx

    Reply to Kelly
  • Con estilo marroqui muy romantico, muy fresco, me encanta tambien el diseño de las sandalias. Hermosos

    Reply to Gloria
  • Beautiful look! Love the pictures and the place:* Thanks for sharing! You can check out my new look mixing layer over layer. Have a great week dear!
    xx Mary

    Reply to Mary

    Beautiful dress, so ethereal. I have bosoms so I could never wear this but it looks so fresh and pretty on you. I miss your commentary about why you chose to wear something, but I’m glad you’ve done away with the slideshow presentation of photos.

    Reply to Anon
  • I just found your blog and I am amazed. You are so inspirational and I ADORE the atmosphere that I get from the pics.

    Reply to Karla
  • Absolutely beautiful dress! Chloe is my favorite! Perfect setting for the dress. You always look stunning


    Reply to Leftbankgirl
  • I’ve always loved those shoes so much and the dress looks so perfect with them. Of course, Morocco on the background isn’t bad either!
    My blog: BOWTIE DIARY

    Reply to Piia

    Absolutely stunning! You look beautiful 🙂

    Reply to Siyaam
  • Oh these photos are perfect!
    The dress is stunning, and I’m crazy about those Isabel Marant sandals!
    I coudln’t think of a better place to shoot this look than in Morocco 🙂
    Ambitieuse Paris

    Reply to Ylenia
  • I’m loving the neckline, and the fine crochet together with the sturdy sandals.
    This is an amazing outfit but please let’s just appreciate the setting. Ugh! Awesome.

    Lily (Recipes and Random)

    Reply to Lily
  • Gorgeous dress and equally lovely background! Lovely photography as always.


    Reply to Avanti
  • The Chloe crochet dress is breathtaking, it’s absolutely amazing, it have the unique boho-chic inspiration of the brand and you look wondeful with it. These Isabel Marant sandals will be my favorite sandals forever, they are so beautiful, different and so parisian. These photos are so great, Morocco is an interesting city and it’s so magic


    Reply to Miss Key
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