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Et voilà: my first fall outfit (even If this temperature will let me avoid using tights only for a short time). At my feet the biker boots of my shoe line (available in these stores and online here,here and here), this time in the grey version!
Have a great start of the week, soon The Blonde Salad will turn 2 years old 😀

Et voilà: il mio primo outfit autunnale (anche se penso che queste temperature mi permetteranno di resistere a gambe nude ancora per poco). Ai miei piedi i biker boots della mia linea (che potete trovare in questi store e online qui,qui e qui), questa volta in versione grigia!
Buon inizio di settimana a tutti voi, presto The Blonde Salad compirà 2 anni 😀

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CHIARA FERRAGNI STUDDED BIKER BOOTS (available in these stores and online here,here and here)

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    totallly love this look!!! please let me know what brand is that jacket from !! im in love with it and totally want to get a similar one!!!

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  • quanto mi piace questo outfit un po rock !!
    le scarpe sono bellissme e mi piace la giacca di pelle, che bel regalo ti hanno fatto!


    ? Letizia

    Reply to letiziabarcelona

        Non mi piace la gonna…come direbbe Di Pietro che c’azzecca col giubbino? e poi Chiara sei una bellissima ragazza ma le gambe non sono il tuo forte,sopratutto le ginocchia,valgismo?Kisses

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  • I'm drooling over your jacket!!! Also I must order myself a pair of these gorgeous boots 🙂

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    Il look è molto bello, specialmente la gonna! Non mi piace l'abbinamento con la borsa però. Martina

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    Mi piace molto la gonna, ma soprattutto l'atmosfera un po' soffusa di queste foto!

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    Thats the jacket ive been craving about,but its too expensive and you got it for free :'( !!!!

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  • bellissimi i tuoi biker!!!
    splendida la giacca e la bellissima Birkin.
    fantastica mise!

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  • I think this look is one of my favourites you have ever compiled, I love the dark mix of greys and black with the pale pink Birken!

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  • Mi piacciono molto le tue biker boot, se me li potevo permettere li avrei comprati subito ^_^!
    Bel outfit, molto da te!

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  • outfit molto semplice ma che mi piace molto! niente stravaganze, foto dolcissime di fine giornata, adoro questo post!

    xoxo from france

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    Can I have your boots please??
    LOOOOOVE them so much!!

    Love Jen

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    ohhh… the skirt looks so curious on you. Wear a jeans with these bikerboots<3



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  • I love the jacket and the boots!! I can't believe that today we all are gonna know the 3 queens of the contest of Yamamay!! OMG!!!!!I know it's really impossible but it'd be a dream to me to win!!!!

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  • Wow adorable outfit ( as usually ) !:)
    How many Birkins do you have ? 😛

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    la borsa di Hermès non c'entra nulla!La metti dappertutto..

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  • That jacket is gorgeous. Love to see it paired with some skinny jeans or a soft chiffon dress — maybe that LAMB skirt you wore in Paris with these boots?

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    Amo i tuoi stivali!
    Ieri sono andata a Roma, ma non sono riuscita a passare da Gente.
    Sai all'incirca quanto costino?

    Amo il tuo blog!

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    Hey, really cool Outfit.
    Another question. Do you think, it's good to be tall as a woman? Because I often don't like that I am 1.78…

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  • Hi Chiara! I've emailed you to ask for permission to use a photo our photographer we took of you last fashion week NYC. It's absolutely adorable (you're in your mini mouse bow!) and we want to place it on the landing page of our website and in a press brochure to showcase editorials for our street style site we're launching. xx Please let us know! We'll also be in touch to give you private access to the site. The email comes from Kristin or Mimi! 🙂 xx We <3 you!!

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  • Chiara
    • Author post

    Thanks a thousand times babes!
    I love wearing rocker clothes matched to bonton bags like this time 😀

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  • Amazing outfit!:)
    Kiss from Poland!:)))

    Follow me:

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  • We miss Matilda! It's been a whole month without her adorable face! Please remedy this ASAP…

    Reply to Petey

    non so se comprare i tuoi boots, andando a favorire l'acquisto di borse pazzesche, che poi ti invidierei…

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  • Chiara
    • Author post

    Mimi I think I answered you earlier via email, of course you can use that pic 🙂 Thanks for asking!
    Thanks a lot guys!

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  • eh, si il freddo è arrivato ! finalmente, così possiamo fare il cambio di stagione!
    ho postato un nuovo outfit!
    se ti va, passa a salutarmi!
    Ps: ti ho scattato una foto all0ngresso della sfilata di cavalli a Milano, ti ho chiamata e tu sei stata carinissima a girarti verso di me ed a farti fotografare! se vuoi, te le mando!
    baci. ti aspetto!

    Reply to Miriam Stella
  • I love your whole outfit…amazing


    Reply to NARI

    Lovely outfit but please stop saying "at my feet" as it's awful English.

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  • Hi Chiara, I'm a huge fan from Brazil!
    I'd like to know what is the Nikon Lens you use with your camera? I LOVE IT!
    Thank you 😉

    Reply to Juliana Dias
  • sei davvero eccezionale…ti meriti davvero tutto il successo che stai vivendo perchè hai uno stile impeccabile…!!!baci marika

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  • Molto belli davvero…peccato che tra lavoro e ricerca di una casa, non me li possa proprio permettere!

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  • Very much Fiorentini+Baker style: but lovely indeed!!!


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    I would really like to know how you got your bag. Those things run like $10,000 and up. Most of them are $20,000. The bag is to DIE for, how did you get one?

    How much did you pay for it?

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    Love love love the outfit!

    But how do you make such beautiful waves in your hair? I've always wanted my hair to be like that :D!!

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