Weather is getting colder…hearts are getting warmer…and radios are starting to play “All I want for Christmas is….”
Yay! Holidays season is just behind the corner and, of course, we need to think about the gifts we would love to find under our Chrismas tree! So, as I was used to do when a was a little kid, I’ve created my wishlist, a selection of dreamy gifts and little presents either for you, your love, your family or your friends…just to make someone happier! 😉
And you? what’s your favorite picks?

I giorni son sempre più freddi, i cuori son sempre più caldi…e le radio iniziano a suonare “All I want for Christmas is…”
Sii!! Natale è dietro l’angolo e, ovviamente, dobbiamo iniziare a pensare a cosa voler trovare sotto l’albero!
Così, come facevo quando ero piccola, ho creato la mia wishlist, ho scelto una selezione di regali: da quelli da sogno ai piccoli pensieri da dedicare a voi stessi, al vostro amore, agli amici o alla famiglia.. Giusto per donare un pizzico di felicità in più questo Natale!
E voi? Quale preferite?


145 Responses to “My Christmas Wishlist”

  • I found lots of interesting information here.Great work
    Thanks for the share loved reading the article, please do share more like this wiht us .

    Reply to Run 3

    Ciao Chiara,
    where is your watch from, which you are wearing on the backround picture?
    PS love your blog and Merry Christmas

    Reply to Valentina Laura

    Perfect wishlist, good balance of everything.

    Reply to Julia
  • Ciaou !!
    Sei fantastica
    So much vision -just new to Instagram
    Find you fascinating so much talent
    As always travelling just offering you a home away from home in london
    Come any time
    Keep up good work

    Reply to Ginette haiat
  • Love your wish list! Would love to get the LV bag but I don’t think my santa has that kind of a budget 😛

    Reply to Sakurina

    Are you going to do a giveaway of these gift items? I don’t get it–are these things you want people to give you or your suggestions of what to buy others? Seems greedy if it’s the former.

    Reply to Fashole
  • I love your elbow tattoo – looks so cool, but oh so painful! The red dress is gorgeous…I want! xx

    Reply to Hannah

    your smile is so pretty :**!
    visit my blog

    Reply to Zosia
  • The Samsung Galaxy would be the coolest Christmas gift! I’m dying to try it out!

    x Andrea

    Reply to Andrea Encalada

    I already asked about it but no replies :/
    Please..can anyone tell about the necklace Chiara wears it almost everyday, even in this pic?
    Probably, in your blog, you already talked about the necklace with a ring in the middle:
    I can’t find out the brand.

    Reply to françoise

    Bella la tua lista ma la mia prevede, le slippers della tua linea, le superga for the blonde salad, caia juels chiara ferragni. Queste sono le piu importanti poi tutto il resto chiara sei fantasticaaaa

    Reply to Beatrice
  • I love wishlist with good suggestions but i think this one is so not what you like but more what your contracts like. All your cooperations are on …not really helpful

    Reply to ALIX
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