It’s all about sensations: wear a dress, feel like a woman. Those moments when you wear an icon and the real diva is you. A timeless piece, a timeless feeling. All about celebrating Diane Von Furstenberg Wrap dress 40th Anniversary.

E’ un vortice di sensazioni: indossare un abito, sentirsi donna. Quegli attimi in cui indossi un’icona e la vera diva sei tu. Un pezzo senza tempo, un’emozione che non ha tempo. Tutto per celebrare il 40° Anniversario del Wrap Dress di Diane Von Furstenberg.



Video by Eric Maldin

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124 Responses to “My DVF Journey of a Dress”

    What is the name of the song in the video? It’s beautiful!

    Reply to Jori
  • L’occhio sulle tue scarpe e favoloso, ti rappresenta! Bellissime, ti seguo con piacere da anni!

    Reply to SARA

    All women feel like real divas when loved and adored, even if they don’t wear iconic dresses.

    Reply to valentin antonov
  • Ok, I definetelly wanna be like her, she’s gorgeous! Otherwise I have, not a long, but an INFINITE way to go…untill then, and at 16 years old, I have my own site(today I’ve posted a new outfit), so please-and yes, I’m begging- visit it. It’s a bit of a diary but at the same time an egoblog-I’m trying this sort of new concept I don’t know if will work out :S. Anyway, to you reading this, thanks!

    Reply to Cris


    Reply to Daniella

    U r really very much handsome and yrs”dress looks perfect on urs body”

    Reply to Raja Hamza
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  • It’s clear like water that you have fantastic collection of outfits. But, do you know that I like the way you present yourself.

    Interesting outfit and 9 out of 10 for your presentation.

    Reply to Unnati Exports
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