IMG_2496In the last few years, due to work, I’ve found myself going to NYC so often that I’ve lost count of how many times I came. I now feel like I know it very well: I have my favorite restaurants, and I know which parts of town are the best for shopping. You’re not a real New Yorker, though, until you’ve spent time at the Hamptons. This small peninsula, jutting into the ocean, away from the city’s hustle and bustle, is dotted with lovely, provincial towns, as well as very beautiful private residences, usually surrounded by lush green gardens. This is where I spent last weekend, thanks to Revolve: three days of carefree fun with Angelo, his whole crew and a few other guests I already knew. We went on excursions to East Hampton and Montauk, and on sailing trips in the northern bays. We also relaxed a little: the highest point of our relaxation was on Sunday, when we enjoyed a cinema night in the garden of the villa where we we were staying.

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    certo adesso Chiara si accompagna ai vip, ma era molto meglio quando abitava a Milano con Riccardo, non c’è storia!

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  • haha
    I’ve just read it as ‘Tampon diary’ wth 😀

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    I’m totally in love with your white dress and new pink bag! You look breathtaking! Great photo diary, looks like you had amazing times!

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