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Another one among my passions? Jewels for sure… Here are some of my favourite ones 🙂

Un’altra delle mie manie? Gioielli e bigiotteria senz’altro… Ecco alcuni dei miei preferiti 🙂

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Golden rings

Anelli dorati

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Silver rings

Anelli argentati

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Some of my favourite bracelets

Alcuni dei miei bracciali preferiti

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My Tiffany&co collection, even If I forgot to add rings and earrings

La mia collezione di Tiffany&co, a cui mi sono dimenticata di aggiungere gli orecchini e gli anelli

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My favourite skull necklaces 🙂

Le mie collane preferite con teschio 🙂

DSC_0983 copia

And the earrings…

E gli orecchini….

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And wait for another post later, with my Tiffany&co collection 😀

Ed aspettatevi un altro post più tardi, con la mia collezione di Tiffany&co 😀


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    Reply to Leonora

    thya bijoux lo trovi su facebook, guarda se ti piace

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    thya bijoux si trova su facebook e lo trovo molto particolare

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  • Oh my, a woman after my own heart! So many sparkly things… : D

    Reply to Kalhu
  • woow, your collections are so crowded! :O how long have you collected them?

    Reply to Nava

    on the pics there is a necklace with a C
    where did you get it?
    i have been looking for one like that for a while
    who is the designer?

    Reply to Anonymous

    Ciao Chiara! senti ti volevo chiedere una cosa! nella foto degli anelli , partendo da sinistra c'è l'anello con scritto YES poi la ronacchia ecco quello accanto diciamo altro fatto con 3 curve io lo sto cercando da tanto, dove l'hai preso? grazie mille 😉

    Reply to irene riccardi
  • I LOVE this collection – I love jewelry too & am drooling over here!! How do you afford all this?!

    Reply to Tina

    ou est ce que tu achète colliers, bagues et bracelets tete de mort??
    C'est vraiment magnifique!!

    Reply to Anonymous

    OMG CHIARA!! I have three of the rings you have! I have the exact ysl ones, and in the third picture I have the turquoise and silver one that you can see in the middle! The one with the big turquoise rock!! I bought it in El Rastro the market in Madrid!! That is so random, where did you get yours!!

    Kisses from the Dominican Republic!!

    Reply to Maria Alejandra
  • Omg!!! you have got so much bueaty thigs!!!
    I really love jewerly and i enjoyed this pics!))

    Reply to Erica

    chiara c'è un sito di sfigate anzi di una sfigata,tale LAW che scrive un sacco di cagate su di te e sul tuo blog. perchè non la bruciano viva?
    ps sei fighissima e supercool
    ciao da una connazionale in UK

    Reply to frizz
  • beh!!su questo posso farti concorrenza……tutti bellissimi cmq!!! soprattutto la roba con i teschi e quella di chanel!!

    Reply to patricia

    Oh my God, i'm totally crazy about rings, and since i had a crush on your ring "YES" made by scrabble letters, i was wondering if you can tell me by email (carojam@hotmail.fr)where did you get it.. X
    Keep that way, you're amazing.

    Reply to Anonymous

    BELLISSIMI!!!!! Adoro i tuoi bracciali di Chanel!!! <3 B.

    Reply to Anonymous

    I love your multicolored Chanel brooch, Chiarra!

    Reply to Carmen

    Can u please help and give advice on how to accessorize well? i love how u put on ur watch and lots of bracelets together, but when i do it, it looks a bit weird.please help?

    Reply to Anonymous
  • How do you even manage to use all those? I particularly like that pink ring with the gold emblem. Such an artisan designer jewelry. With your tons of rings, I doubt if you can even tell where that is.

    Reply to Stew
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