Wonderful video of the good time spent in Bologna 🙂 Wanna win the L’autre Chose outfit I wore? Click here to take part to the giveaway and good luck 😀

Bellissimo video dei momenti passati a Bologna 🙂 Volete vincere l’outfit L’autre Chose che ho indossato? Cliccate qui per tutti i dettagli del giveaway e buona fortuna 😀

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    Please after a year almost 🙂 just read this post….what is the name of the song at min 0.29?
    thank youuuu

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    Veramente bello questo reportage, come gli altri. Grazie di renderci partecipi di questo splendido mondo.

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    Stai benissimo 😉 Il vestito è davvero splendido!

    Reply to Anna!
  • NICE video (also nice music) babe i love it

    thanks you for sharing with us and your friend who help with the video !

    thanks you will be very famous some day

    Greetz lots of love have a great day

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  • Love your outfit! You look amazing!

    P.S. What is the title of the song?


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    Capisco che hai detto più volte che il tuo accento non è dei migliori ma alcune cose non si possono sentire! Almeno dire correttamente la parola "event" che non si pronuncia "evènt" ma "ivent" > /??vent/. Per il resto , bel vestito!

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  • Bellissimo video. Lo ripeto: i tuoi post sono finestre colorate che riaccendono le mie giornate grigie..anche se con questo sole e con il mare di grigio cè rimasto solo l'umore.

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    I like the movie! Its so funny, everytime I read your blog, I dont notice your Italian accent, so everytime I hear you talking, Im suprised! Nevertheless, GREAT and keep up the good work!

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    chiara, i've got just one question: when will you be pregnant? you and richie, you are such a dream couple, you both deserve one sweet child!
    so why aren't you allready pregnant?

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    amazing! I want to be in your shoes, girl ;))

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    i want to know the first song titel it is so sweet. :))

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    Dear Chiara, looovee this video and the song.
    So curious about the one on 0:29, such a catchy tune.
    Please let me know or put the additional info in the video information. I'm a video maker too, so any song references put me to interests. Hope you reply. Thank you!

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    Hi, great video ! What is the name of the music ?

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  • Beautiful dress and I loved your curly hair.

    Btw, what is that song on 0:29? We're all dying to know! It's so pretty!

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    ciao Chiara, bellissimo video

    Mi sono innamorata della canzone, sapete il titolo?
    Does anybody know the title of the song?

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    Hi everyone!
    The song is by:

    HIPPYESS – Why Don't You Call.

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    Thanks for the song name! But does anyone know where to find it?

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    Enter the name and the song on youtube when you find the video go to : forcedownload and that's ok 😉

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    that song isn't on youtube :S chiara, where did you get it?!

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    We are still waiting for the name of the song. Did anybody found it yet? ;S

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    Please..does anybody known the name of the song? please, please, please!

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