After a small preview on Instagram and Snapchat , here’s a mini official tour of my home in Los Angeles . Discover some of my favorite corners and read the entire article on Domaine : ) Let me know what you guys think!

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187 Responses to “My Los Angeles house”

    Definirei la tua casa una casa da biennale d’arte di Venezia.
    Ha una bellissima luminosità, ma lascia una sensazione strana, un qualcosa di non finito.

    Reply to eva

    its absolutely wonderful! its all so bright and positive 🙂

    Reply to Tereza

    wow i love your house!! everything is decorated sooo nicely too! 🙂 x

    Reply to anna

    I’m sooooooo in love with your home decoration! It really looks so damn good! Can’t understand why you haven’t showed it to us before, you should take more photos of your looks at home 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    I wish I have such a beautiful and cool house in the future 🙂
    Love form Spain Chicara! And congrats on your amazing Vogue Cover 😉

    Reply to Bárbara
  • J’adore ta déco ❤️
    trop fun les lumières “Los Angeles” dans le jardin❤️

    Reply to Marie
  • What a beautiful home, you must be so proud of yourself! I actually have the same balloon dog sculpture but in silver and loooove it so much, it’s such a great piece to have at home! Oh, and the “Los Angeles” sign is so cool as well!! 🙂


    Reply to Whitney
  • Love the aesthetics! The pop of Yellow and the use of wood in the bedroom is genius! I love it!

    Reply to Sana

    Slightly makes me wanna punch you knowing this is just your LA house. But beautiful none the less.

    Reply to Natalie

    nice office… Love from Dominican Republic

    Reply to Yuri

    So lovely room! If I had the room like yours, I’m gonna go home directly after the work 🙂 Love them all xx

    Reply to Airi

    absolutely beautiful!! love the pops of yellow

    Reply to Eloise

    So lovely room! I love them all :)x
    If I have the room like your, I’m gonna go home directly form my office!

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  • So jealous of all of your beautiful home decor, especially the amazing sign in your back yard. So happy that all of your LA dreams have come true 🙂

    Reply to Julia

    Hi I am Brazilian

    and his fan
    I would like to see in more detail your room and closet



    Crazy as you are 😀 but in a really nice way

    Reply to Tereza
  • Love your house!!! 🙂 I wish I could decorate like that! But everything is tiny child proof now. 🙂 oh well. gorgeous pictures!

    Reply to Stephanie

    What a lovely home i like your style
    So beautiful

    Reply to michael

    You have an amazing sense of style, it’s incredible. And what you have achieved in your career is inspiring x
    You should definitely do some filming of different clothing styles as posts!

    Reply to Dayna-Maree
  • So much in love with your home! Your style comes through everything!

    Reply to Alina
  • Congrats on your beautiful home, Chiara! <3


    Reply to Yuka

    perfect Perfect ,just like You to ❤️

    Reply to Neusa
  • Chiarra! Love your house, absolutely gorgeous!! I have the same colorful pillow covers! they are from the west elm! the best place in the world for home decor!! loved this photos!! <3

    Reply to Carolina Hellal
  • Your house is so cool, love every single detail and the terrace is absolutely amazing but my favorite room is the living room, I see your style in everything. The suit is wonderful, it’s classic and you put the rock touch with these original shoes. Please show your closet!!!

    Reply to Miss Key
  • Wow, what a wonderful house! I love all the fun elements you’ve decorated it with!
    Hannah x

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