Mia mamma ha pubblicato il suo romanzo

I remember when, smiling, my mum gave me the manuscript of her book to read, I remember when, in July 2011, I finished it with tears in my eyes.
My mum’s book “L’inganno della seduzione” has just been published and I can’t help but suggest it to you: the story is very particular and touching, you feel the characters.
At this link you can download the first 20 pages of the book to read (for the moment It only is in italian and it’s available in all italian bookstores), waiting for your opinions about it!
My mum will present the book (and I’ll be with her supporting her) in these two Feltrinelli stores this month:
-24th March at 5.30 pm in Cremona, corso Mazzini 20
-30th March at 6 pm in Piacenza, via Cavour 1
If you happen to be there come and say hello to us!
Go mum, I’m proud of you 🙂

Ricordo quando, sorridente, mia mamma mi ha dato il manoscritto del suo libro da leggere. Ricordo quando ho finito di leggerlo, a luglio 2011, con le lacrime agli occhi.
Il romanzo di mia mamma, “L’inganno della seduzione”, è appena stato pubblicato ed io non posso fare altro se non consigliarvelo: la storia è molto particolare ed emozionante, i personaggi ti toccano nel profondo.
A questo link potete scaricare le prime 20 pagine da leggere (il libro è già in vendita in tutte le librerie), attendo le vostre opinioni in merito!
Mia mamma presenterà il libro (ed io sarò con lei a supportarla) in due negozi Feltrinelli questo mese:
-Il 24 marzo (sabato) alle 17.30 a Cremona, corso Mazzini 20
-Il 30 marzo (venerdì) alle 18 a Piacenza, via Cavour 1
Se siete in zona passate a salutarci!
Buona lettura!
Vai mum, sono fiera di te 🙂



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  • Your Mum Looks so beauiful on the picture. unfortunately I dont speak Italian 🙁 Wish I could read it. Lilly x

    Reply to lilly lia

    no ma che palle pero'…. cn tutto il rispetto ma noi ci aspettiamo un tuo post..

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    congratulations and good luck to her for the book to become a success!
    I'm currently searching for modern italian literature to prepare myself for studying in Italy later this year, so this is perfect!

    Reply to Ari

    o mio dio che copertina!!!complimenti!!!!!!mi ispira proprio, ci ho messo un attimo a capirla pero'.

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    ho letto le 20 pagine 🙂 che carina la storiaaa.. spero di trovarlo qui nella mia città.. mi ha incuriosito molto 🙂 complimenti a Marina 🙂 un bacione

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  • How fabulous!!! Congrats to your mum Chiara!
    By the way, you may be interested in a beautiful Australian label, Ginger & Smart. You can purchase the new collection in boutiques around the world & online. Check it out on my new blog.
    Suzi x
    For the Love of Audrey

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    @elle to practice your italian i advice you luigi pirandello

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    wow complimenti…devo dire mi ha molto incuriosito sia la copertina che la prefazione, tantissimi auguri alla tua mamma!!!

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  • Congratulations to your mom Chiara!!! You must be very proud of her. I remember the feeling when my dad gave me his book, it's so touching!


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    * Wish you the success! Also to your mum, PERFECT, perfect, perfect!

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  • Chiara
    • Author post

    Grazie a tutti per il supporto!
    Spero alcuni di voi riescano a venire a salutarci il 24 o 30 marzo 🙂

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    Il titolo e la trama mi sembrano interessanti…leggerò sicuramente le prime 20 pagine.Dolcissima la dedica! Complimenti Marina per aver realizzato il tuo sogno!

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  • visited your moms blog and she left very sweet comment on my blog back. the one quality you and your mom have in common is that you both are lovely human beings and chiara dont ever lose that. its the most important quality that has gotyou success more than your style and looks. I admire you for who you are 🙂

    Best of luck to your mom. My mum too is in process of writing a book. Shes very spiritual. Reminded me of how lucky i am to have a mom like her. Justl ike yours :))

    Thanks for sharing. Bless you always


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    Congratulations to your mom! What a talented family 🙂 I wish you all the best xxx

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  • ciao!complimenti per tua mamma!se venite a fare la presentazione del libro a modena ci sarò di sicuro.ti volevo chiedere una cosa,tempo fa mi ricordo che un sito o un blog straniero aveva pubblicato delle foto senza il tuo permesso,senza nemmeno dire grazie e cosi e successo anche a me.tu cosa hai fatto?io cosa devo fare secondo te?http://msfashionstreet.blogspot.com/

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  • WONDERFUL dear, congratulations to your mamma! :') muitos beijinhos, KATEFP

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    Oh che carino il nome di tua mamma, mi piace un sacco! Sembra il nome di una località balneare, dove vai quest'estate? A Marina di Guardo!!!!!
    Troppo originale! Baci e congratulazioni!

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  • per fortuna so italiano anche se sono spagnola… questo fine di settimana mi leggo le 20 prime pagine e ti dico via twitter, Chiara! 🙂
    comunque la dedicazione a te a le tue sorelle è simplicemente bellissima…

    grande tua mamma!
    in bocca al lupo per lei!


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    Complimeti e auguri a tua mamma! La dedica è stupenda….

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  • WAU!:) Congratulations to you mommy! you can be really proud of her!
    : )

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  • Condivido la passione per la scrittura come la tua mamma e posso solo immaginare quanto lei, e con lei tutti voi, possiate essere felici ed orgogliosi! Davvero, complimenti ad una famiglia evidentemente dotata di molto talento!
    Un bacio

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  • Congrats to your mom! I'm sure you are very very proud of her. If I can read Italian, I would get 1 too. Probably I'll wait for the English version to be out =)

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  • La tua mamma è nata proprio dove abito io! un bacio a entrambe e correrò in libreria a comprare il suo libro!

    Reply to LaFede

    Sono Valentina della libreria Feltrinelli di Piacenza, ho ricevuto i libri e non vedo l'ora di conoscerti!

    Reply to Vale

    certo che hai una libreria davvero ricca, non mancano i classici russi, e la letteratura americana del secolo scorso…diego della palma!?

    Reply to Anonymous

    Ho solo letto due/tre pagine, ma gia mi interessa! È molto scorrevole, per niente pesante! Penso che riprenderó presto la lettura..Congratulazioni comunque 🙂 -G

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  • Oh how exciting, your Mum and her blog are lovely, she is sweet for commenting back so much! I wish her all the best with the success of her book, and can't wait to read it in English someday. x

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    Miss Chiara,

    Forgive me for the duplicate, I sent the prior message without finishing. I'm emailing you to inform you that there is this girl on facebook that has been using all of your modeling photos, claiming to be you. First, here is her profile: http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=100002447061162, she goes by the name of Susie Dane and has seduced several people into believing that she is you. My friend Michael discovered this from a friend of his, who goes by the name "Arch", who had figured something was off about "Susie" when she posted up interview photos. He did the research, discovered you, and informed Michael, who started to tell me.

    I informed him the right thing to do would be to contact you, and he told me that he would try to send you a message. I'm sending you one, just in case he doesn't manage to get through to you in the next couple of days. This girl has been warned, but blew up at the accusation and has not taken the photographs down. She is a predator, and has asked Michael, and several others to meet her, and would "pay" for their tickets. She's given false information, such as addresses, and is all around fraudulent.

    I suggest, if she cannot stop her actions, perhaps you can contact her. It is also to my understanding, that she has somehow, perhaps photoshop, sent lewd photos of herself (Or, you) to people. This is very unsettling, as you seem to be a very nice person. I urge you to take action, as reporting this girl seems to do nothing.

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        pls contaact me,,i need to ask u some questions about her,,she has lied to me for almost 3 years now,,pls get back to me asap,,thnx,,mike

        Reply to mike elias

    attn: about above post reguarding SUSIE DANE,,can you please contact me on facebook,,Michael Elias,,from Los Angeles,,thank you

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