Wanna have a peek into my walk-in closet in my Los Angeles house? Here you go 🙂

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Special thanks to CONSORT DESIGN and CALIFORNIA CLOSETS for helping me building this beautiful closet 🙂

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    Un armadio così BELLO è…. l’incubo i ogni marito!!!

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  • Adoro la tua cabina armadio, ma soprattutto la tua linea di scarpe, che dalle mie parti non si trova!Molto colorata, fantasia da vendere.
    Ti ammiro e ti seguo sempre!

    Reply to Vanina

    So many things, this gives happiness?

    Reply to AnNa

    Absolutely fantastic I want that closet and everything in it specially those chanel bags that are peeking out!

    Reply to Maria
  • That’s a gorgeous closet! My tiny jammed full wardrobe just does not compare.

    Reply to Pearl

    Is this for real? What a total dream of a closet!!! I ADORE that patterned middle cushion – where’s it from? Xxxx

    Reply to Nadia

    OMG!!!! I want the same as you !!!This is my dream. You are very lucky. For the moment, I have only sneakers “ROGER” by … you … But I hope soon invest in others. xoxo

    Reply to Apollina
  • Your walking closet is a living dream!! I just got inspired to do something about my own wardrobe x

    Reply to Ismahan

    The shoes will look more beautiful if you reorganize them a little bit. Your collection is amazing but it looks like they are just thrown in warehouse 🙂

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  • so inspiring and beautiful, cheerful and colourful, big smile for you.

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  • Amazing post, It looks you have so many shoes in collection. I would love to have something similar in my walking wardrobe. I just loved your post keep it up your good work 🙂

    Reply to Julie

    Total closet goals.
    I love how your shoes are overflowing, no one has time for pristine shoe closets 😉

    Reply to Liz
  • wow that must to be one of the coolest wardrobes on earth! 😀

    Reply to Kaja
  • OMG I wish I never get to have so much stuffs! Is really too much, so old humanity style, new humanity hopefully consume less.

    Reply to Roberta Lakes

    Chanel bags and shoes ♥ Your closet must be huge.

    Reply to M.

    Hi Chiara, I love your wonderful closet! Would you like to post a virtual tour of your closet? Thanks 😀

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  • This is so great! 🙂
    I love how real and naturally chaotic it looks. Thanks for the photos 🙂

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  • I love your closet, and i hope that i can have a closet just like yours look

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    le scarpe tenute in quel modo non si possono proprio vedere, poco igienico e ideale per rovinarle, ma perchè mi chiedo..MAH

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  • This closet is a dream! i love the disegen of it. every thing is white but the clothes, shoes and bags are bringing out the color!

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  • Ahhh Chiara, I already knew about this lovely site 4 years ago! and i’m stil a big fan! I’m very happy for you that you got this far in your career. You’re a true inspiration.


    Reply to Barbara

    your closet is a mess!! you have no respect for all those shoes and bags that are worth a lot !!!!!!!!!! the kardashian are awesome..their closets are super in order…yours sucks!

    Reply to buddha
  • your walk-in closet looks absolutely dreamy! Lovely photos 🙂

    x Alona | gentleconfusion.blogspot.com

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  • Looks very cozy and “real”, like nobody’s organizing it for you. Love it!

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  • OMG! I was so happy when i see that you keep the Frida Kahlo pig that i gived to you in your last trip to Mexico city!!!!!! <3 <3 <3



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  • Your closet looks amazing! I feel like it portrays you very well! You have a very fun and quirky personality 🙂 x


    Reply to JokeValerie

    Love the jewellery, shoes and the hats.

    Reply to Tony
  • Your closet looks so authentic because it’s not completely organized to a tee, which is a lot more realistic. You have so many shoes and bags! I love that you have a couch in there, it makes it such an enjoyable room to hang out in while you plan your outfits 🙂

    Characters & Carry-ons

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  • This is my ultimate dream. Wish I could shop your closet Chiary.. You just own the most dreamy pieces I would love to have. Like the LV earring and the Céline knot bracelet. A match made in the Blonde Salad heaven!


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  • This is what I call perfection! What a great collection. I’m sure every piece has its own little story:) That’s why I love clothes!
    Much love, Carmen from http://carmitive.com

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